Minto Wins Big at the BILD Awards

Dressed to the nines on the evening of Friday April 28th, our team headed to Vaughan to attend the annual BILD Awards Gala! The BILD awards are among the most prestigious awards to be won in Real Estate, recognizing builders, developers, designers, architects, and sales & marketing professionals across the GTA for their contribution to building quality, complete communities across the region.

Our team went into the night with high hopes, and feeling confident about the year of hard work behind us. We are happy to announce that we left with even bigger smiles and THREE more awards under our belt:

Best high rise building design for Minto Westside

Green Builder of the Year, low Rise

Marketing Team of the Year

Take a look at some of the photos of the team from the night:




Thank you to BILD for the recognition, we couldn’t be happier! And congratulations to all of the night’s winners. To see the list of all of the winners, click here.

Hawaii’s Popular Dish comes to King West- Lawai’a Poke Bowls!

Although it is only Spring, warm tropical flavors have already taken over our senses here in King West! Lawai’a Poke Bar opened its doors to the public last week and our team was so excited to finally try it out!


‘Poke’ , which is Hawaiian for “to slice or cut”  is healthy, delicious and totally unique. Poke is a s popular Hawaiian  dish, a bowl that usually consists of rice, fish and veggies. 


While Poke is a new trend in Toronto, this simple and addictive Hawaiian dish has been around for centuries. Minto Westside homeowners will be extra lucky to have Lawai’a just around the corner!


Lawai’a lets you order delicious classic combos, or  build your own bowl with seasonal fresh ingredients. You have a variety of selections of grains, proteins and toppings to get creative and structure your perfect bowl!


We hope we got you as hungry as we are!  Head on over today for some lunch or dinner!

While you are in the neighborhood, be sure to check out our Westside Sales office located at 700 King St W, or visit to learn more about living in this fabulous community!

Yoga at Home

Yoga is a 5,000-year-old regimen for body, mind and spirit that originated in India and is now practiced all over the world. As an
exercise routine it is simple, holistic and needs no fancy equipment, which is why it’s perfect to practice in your home. Here are a few
pointers to get you started.


• Clear an area on a flat floor surface and a clear flat wall. Dim the lights and have a mat that you can roll out when needed.

• Mat, block, strap, and a bolster are the usual essentials.
• If you don’t have these items you can use items around the house – books make good blocks, a belt for a strap, and use towels or pillows for a bolster.

• Candles, incense, and music help set the scene.                                             • Try a yoga playlist on Spotify for a true yoga musical sound.               • Follow along with a book, an app, or an online video.                               • Try free apps like Daily Yoga or Yoga for Beginners                                  • lets you stream yoga video or audio for a small fee.

thuc-hanh-yoga-tai-nha-chia-khoa-de-thanh-congBe sure to relax and Savasana when you’re done! And when you would rather practice in a group setting, there are surly some great studios in your area you can try!


We Broke Ground at Oakvillage and have Started Construction!

There is a lot to be excited about and celebrate these days at Oakvillage! Despite freezing cold temperatures and pouring rain, the Minto team was out at 8 am on February 24th  to celebrate a milestone at the Oakvillage site! We broke ground to mark the beginning of construction! While our hard working Minto team and trades have been on site for a little while now prepping and servicing the site we waiting until now to have our Minto Official Groundbreaking Ceremony! The Minto ceremonial shovel that has broken ground at every site in Toronto since 1986 was front and centre with Minto President, Dave Stewart, holding it on this special day.

_mg_5042 _mg_5070

With the ground officially broken, our construction team wasted no time and started framing the houses in block 10 this week! They have also poured foundation in blocks 10 to 14 as well as excavated Blocks 20,19 and 18. Spring is around the corner and construction will only ramp up as the warmer weather helps us to do what we love and do best- build your homes!


We are so excited to see the community starting to take shape!Stay tuned with Facebook and Twitter for more updates on Oakvillage!

Minto Wins Big at the EnerQuality Awards – Again!

We’ve been recognized for our commitment to Sustainability once again! On February 24th, we were honoured to receive the ENERGY STAR® Builder of the Year (Large Volume) Award at the 2016 EnerQuality Awards Gala. Minto was recognized for its commitment to creating better places to live through energy efficiency and building innovation. We were also finalists for Ontario Green Builder of the Year and Net Zero Builder of the Year.


“The Minto team is honoured to be recognized by EnerQuality for our dedication to building thoughtfully designed, energy efficient new homes for our customers,” says Alison Minato, our Vice President of Sustainability. “In 2016 we sold our first Net Zero Energy town homes and labeled all of Minto’s new homes in Ontario under the ENERGY STAR®, LEED or EnerGuide assurance programs.  We are really proud of our commitment to innovation and creating better places for our customers and the environment.”

Minto is dedicated to getting 100% of our homes third party certified, either through ENERGY STAR®, LEED, or EnerGuide. We provide sustainability training for our staff and trades and educate homeowners about sustainable living in their own home at point of sale and at our homeowner Essentials Events. We are also heavily involved in sustainability industry councils, committees and partnerships, and our Sustainability team at Minto is dedicated to research and development projects, most recently developing our Net Zero Energy Home project.

Net Zero Home Arcadia

We’re so honoured to be recognized for our work in Sustainable home building. Thank you to EnerQuality for the award. We’re looking forward to another year of Green innovation and home building!


Find out more about the work Minto does for sustainable living here.

Design Talk: Adding Personality to a Room

Looking for ways to reinvigorate your home decor? Our Richmond Hill Design Team is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to decorating! And if you’ve always wanted to pick their brain for some easy design ideas, look no further. In our Design Talk series we’ll share tips from our Design Team  that can help you bring your home decor to the next level.


Our first question for the team, and one they get a lot, is how can you change a cold, bare looking room to one that is warm and comfortable with lots of personality?

Here’s what they had to say!

The best way to add personality and comfort to a room is by layering it with accessories and furnishings to make the room come alive. Layering a room can provide visual interest, texture, depth, and a sense of luxury. Try mixing different design styles into a modern interior to create a timeless look that is both luxurious and comfortable.

An image of domestic living room, minimalistic zen-like design, warm colors. Render image.

Area rugs are a great place to start to inject colour and texture into a room. With so many styles including graphic, classic, tribal and textural, rugs help to create a design style as well as define an area.


Layer in artwork by hanging large canvases or by creating a gallery wall above a sofa or up a stairway. You can use different frame shapes in similar colour tones or the same frame in different sizes. Switch out pictures during the year to suit your mood or the season.

Adding in mirrors and metallic accents are a great way to bring light and glamour to a space. Feel free to mix metals. Coppers and golds are very hot right now!


Use a generous amount of throw pillows in different colours, textures and shapes. Don’t forget about the floor where you can introduce poufs and large box cushions for extra seating.

Thanks for the tips ladies! Stay tuned for next time for our next round of design ideas!


Neighbourhood Roots: The History of Fort York

As you may have seen if you’ve visited the Minto Westside site, we’re located right across the street from Fort York. There is fascinating history surrounding this unique site, and what better way to get to know your future neighbourhood than to learn about its historical roots!

Fort York View from Minto Westside

The site itself is made up of military fortifications and related buildings. Inside the buildings, you will find Canada’s largest collection of original War of 1812 buildings, and it was the site of the battle of 1813.
Fort York Minto WestsideThe York Barracks, 1804. 

Fort York was built by the British Army and Canadian military troops in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Its purpose was to defend the settlement and the new capital of Upper Canada, “York” (what is now Toronto), from the threat of a military attack from the newly independent United States. During the early years of our city’s history, Fort York played a significant role in the economic and social development of the community.

Fort York saw a lot of action during the War of 1812, when the Americans declared war on Canada and invaded. In 1813 the Americans attacked Fort York twice, burning down many of the barracks and buildings. Shortly afterwards, the Fort was rebuilt into the structure that remains today.

Fort York Map Minto WestsideMap of Fort York during the Attack of 1813. 

Fort York was designated as a ‘National Historic Site of Canada’ in 1923.  On Victoria Day 1934, Fort York opened as a historic site museum. The City of Toronto designated the site, along with the nearby Fort York Armory, as a Heritage Conservation District in 1985.

Today, Fort York is conveniently open year-round and offers a fantastic opportunity to take part in tours, exhibits, and seasonal demonstrations. During the warmer months, the site is busy with ceremonies of the Fort Guard. The fort houses various exhibits, such as restored period rooms and traditional museum galleries, and the site hosts arts and cultural festivals on it’s grounds as well.

Fort York Guard Minto WestsideThe Fort York Guard.

Fort York is another great reason to enjoy the King West neighborhood, not just for its vibrant culture and exciting shops and eateries, but for the rich history as well!

Find out more about Fort York at Or visit to learn more about living in this fabulous neighbourhood!