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300th Move-In at Kingmeadow

We’ve had a busy summer in the Kingmeadow neighbourhood, not only with construction but also with moving homeowners into their new homes. We celebrated a milestone a few weeks ago when we had our 300th move-in at Kingmeadow!

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When our 300th home owners, Jessica and Nicholas, arrived at their new home after picking up their keys, they were greeted with champagne, cupcakes, and an entire welcoming committee made up of the Minto MasterCare, Construction, and Sales Teams.

Jessica and Nicholas grew up in Whitby and so they chose to buy a home in Kingmeadow to be close to their families. The area is ideal for them because of the location, with the 407 coming through and the new RioCan shopping mall coming to the community. Jessica is a nurse who works nearby at the Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences in Whitby, and Nicholas is a steel stud framer who has worked on Minto projects such as Minto775 and Minto WaterGarden.

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The two are high school sweethearts and Kingmeadow is their first home together. They both went to school at UOIT down the street, so they’re familiar with the area. “We’ll probably be at the St. Louis Wings down the street a lot!” Nicholas told us.

Jessica and Nicholas are excited to start their new chapter of their lives together at Kingmeadow, and they’re looking forward to seeing the community develop. Congratulations and welcome to the neighbourhood!


Interested in living in the Kingmeadow community? We still have homes available at Kingmeadow! Check out our website or come visit us at our sales centre today to learn more and choose your dream home!


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