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A Proposal at Minto Southshore

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We’re lucky to see so many new beginnings unfold at our communities with move-ins, whether it’s a first home for a young couple or a new home for the family. A few weeks ago we had the chance to see a new chapter begin right at Minto Southshore.

Oliver Sandvoski always had a thing for Venessa, but didn’t have the courage to ask her out until his best friend’s wedding three years ago. He knew he couldn’t let her go, and so he walked over to her and the rest is history. They’ve been inseparable ever since.

They both decided to buy a home, and since Venessa had grown up in Etobicoke, Minto Southshore seemed like the perfect fit to begin their lives together. They also knew it was an up and coming neighbourhood, and loved the convenience of the location: close to the city, and close to nature as well.

Oliver wanted more than just to move in together, he wanted to marry Venessa and so he planned the perfect proposal: he’d drop the key on the ground on the move-in day and pop the question. He thought this would be perfect because Venessa doesn’t surprise easily but she’d be so focused on moving into their new home that it would totally catch her off guard.

And it did! Watch the proposal here:

Congrats again Oliver and Venessa! We hope you have many, many more wonderful memories at Minto Southshore!

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