An update from Caledonia Towns

We visited Caledonia Towns on the Park this week to happily see the interiors really taking shape. Framing, drywalling and taping are all done on blocks A and B, and we’re getting very close at block C. At block B, tiling, trimming and priming are underway. Finishes are the fun part and we just installed the first granite counter tops in the kitchens. Most of the focus on site right now is on the interiors, which is just as well considering the cold and wet weather. With our brand new sales centre opening next week, having the interiors in tip top shape is a priority.

Once the drywall is primed, we can move forward with the finishes like tiling, finishing the ceilings, trimming, and finally painting. Flooring is one one the last elements to go in.

Next week we’re starting on the window wells as well as two exterior structures: a garbage shed and a bicycle shed. For now, here are some of the photos we took at this week’s site visit.

Everyone’s favourite: kitchens & bathrooms.

And the finishing touches that make a construction site a home.

We’ll update you once the sales centre is open and the model home is ready for touring, so watch this space.

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