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Longbranch Neighborhood Profile: Cellar Door Restaurant

As summer halts to an end, we must take advantage of indoor delights! The Cellar Door Restaurant in Etobicoke is praised for its impeccable food and bucolic ambiance, fit for the colder nights ahead of us.


For aficionados of authentic wood-fired pizzas, handmade pastas and other specialties from Rome and Calabria, there’s no better place than Cellar Door Restaurant,  and its’ located just steps from Minto Longbranch. Owner and master chef Robert Rubino is a Culinary Institute of America by graduate who trained abroad at Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy and France.


The ambience is rustic, with concrete floors, black walls and shelves lined with jars of home-made pickles. House specialties include wood roasted potato gnocchi and hand cut pappardelle.


The wine list includes wines from lesser-known regions of Italy and Ontario. It’s the perfect spot to dine with family and friends and the food is sure to make your tummy and heart smile.


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Barre3 – King West Neighborhood Profile

If you have been strolling around King West lately, you will have noticed Barre3 – the latest fitness studio in King West that has everyone talking about its’ originality and fantastic results. Barre3 is functional training with a twist; it perfectly blends in Ballet, Pilates and Yoga!


There is definitely something for every different body type, age (14- adult) and fitness level! Barre3 workouts are recognized for building lean muscles, a strong core, and also promises long-term postural benefits!


This is the studio’s first foray into the Canadian market. They have tons of locations in the States and decided to set up their first franchise North of the boarder, in Toronto!


Located on the second floor of 325 King Street W., just east of Blue Jays Way, the studio is an intimate space with lots of light. These classes work it all: legs, upper body, glutes, core and Barre3 certified instructors definitely bring their own flavor to each workout.


This class if great if you want to change up your fitness routine a bit by adding strength, balance, and flexibility elements. It brings a whole new layer to the typical cardio workout.


Sound like something you are interested in trying out? On these scorching hot days it may be a better idea then running outdoors! Check out!


Also, if you are strolling around the King West neighborhood, be sure to check out the Minto Westside Condo Gallery at 700 King Street West and call the King West neighborhood, home!

Spring Gardening Tips- Just On Time For Earth Week!

There’s nothing like the warmer sunny days of spring! With gorgeous days like these there is so much inspiration out there to start planning for your Spring Garden! Some of you may be experts already, but for those of you with less than a green thumb here are some great tips to help start digging for the pre-summer season! Happy Earth Week Everyone!


Plan Ahead!

Want to grow some flowers? Ask yourself some basic questions to help steer you in the right direction! What kind of sunlight do you get? Do you want annuals, which you would need to replant each year but would give color for most the spring and summer, or, do you prefer perennials, which have a shorter bloom time but come back year after year? Look outside during the morning, afternoon and evening and keep track of how much sun you get over the day so you can be sure to pick a plant that will thrive in your environment.  


Clean out your Garden!

Before starting, experts suggest that you clean your garden and remove all the debris. Try to get rid of weeds and make sure that you get the roots so they won’t grow back. Also take this opportunity to sharpen your garden tools, because you are going to require them for plant maintenance and soil care.


Pick the right place. 

It is suggested that almost all vegetables and most flowers need about six hours of full sun each day. Carefully chose the right spot before digging, and check plant tags or ask the staff at your local garden center from where you purchased from to find out how much sun a plant requires. Use rocks to determine the perfect spacing and placement of each plant.


Clear the ground

Now that you are ready to begin, get rid of the top layer of sod covering the area you plan to plant in. Spread a 3-inch layer of compost (or combination of potting soil and topsoil) then start planting! When the sun starts to set water the garden bed, this time of day ensures that the warm sun wont soak up all the water.


Digging Advice.

Dig only when the soil is moist enough to form a loose ball in your fist, but dry enough to fall apart when you drop it. Use a spade or spading fork to gently turn the top 8 to 12 inches of soil, mixing in the organic matter. In vegetable gardens and beds of annual flowers, turn the soil only once a year in the spring before you plant.

If you found this advice helpful and are ready for a few more tips than be sure to check out:!


Happy Spring digging everyone!