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Minto Wins Big at the BILD Awards

Dressed to the nines on the evening of Friday April 28th, our team headed to Vaughan to attend the annual BILD Awards Gala! The BILD awards are among the most prestigious awards to be won in Real Estate, recognizing builders, developers, designers, architects, and sales & marketing professionals across the GTA for their contribution to building quality, complete communities across the region.

Our team went into the night with high hopes, and feeling confident about the year of hard work behind us. We are happy to announce that we left with even bigger smiles and THREE more awards under our belt:

Best high rise building design for Minto Westside

Green Builder of the Year, low Rise

Marketing Team of the Year

Take a look at some of the photos of the team from the night:




Thank you to BILD for the recognition, we couldn’t be happier! And congratulations to all of the night’s winners. To see the list of all of the winners, click here.

Minto Wins Big at the EnerQuality Awards – Again!

We’ve been recognized for our commitment to Sustainability once again! On February 24th, we were honoured to receive the ENERGY STAR® Builder of the Year (Large Volume) Award at the 2016 EnerQuality Awards Gala. Minto was recognized for its commitment to creating better places to live through energy efficiency and building innovation. We were also finalists for Ontario Green Builder of the Year and Net Zero Builder of the Year.


“The Minto team is honoured to be recognized by EnerQuality for our dedication to building thoughtfully designed, energy efficient new homes for our customers,” says Alison Minato, our Vice President of Sustainability. “In 2016 we sold our first Net Zero Energy town homes and labeled all of Minto’s new homes in Ontario under the ENERGY STAR®, LEED or EnerGuide assurance programs.  We are really proud of our commitment to innovation and creating better places for our customers and the environment.”

Minto is dedicated to getting 100% of our homes third party certified, either through ENERGY STAR®, LEED, or EnerGuide. We provide sustainability training for our staff and trades and educate homeowners about sustainable living in their own home at point of sale and at our homeowner Essentials Events. We are also heavily involved in sustainability industry councils, committees and partnerships, and our Sustainability team at Minto is dedicated to research and development projects, most recently developing our Net Zero Energy Home project.

Net Zero Home Arcadia

We’re so honoured to be recognized for our work in Sustainable home building. Thank you to EnerQuality for the award. We’re looking forward to another year of Green innovation and home building!


Find out more about the work Minto does for sustainable living here.

Design Talk: Adding Personality to a Room

Looking for ways to reinvigorate your home decor? Our Richmond Hill Design Team is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to decorating! And if you’ve always wanted to pick their brain for some easy design ideas, look no further. In our Design Talk series we’ll share tips from our Design Team  that can help you bring your home decor to the next level.


Our first question for the team, and one they get a lot, is how can you change a cold, bare looking room to one that is warm and comfortable with lots of personality?

Here’s what they had to say!

The best way to add personality and comfort to a room is by layering it with accessories and furnishings to make the room come alive. Layering a room can provide visual interest, texture, depth, and a sense of luxury. Try mixing different design styles into a modern interior to create a timeless look that is both luxurious and comfortable.

An image of domestic living room, minimalistic zen-like design, warm colors. Render image.

Area rugs are a great place to start to inject colour and texture into a room. With so many styles including graphic, classic, tribal and textural, rugs help to create a design style as well as define an area.


Layer in artwork by hanging large canvases or by creating a gallery wall above a sofa or up a stairway. You can use different frame shapes in similar colour tones or the same frame in different sizes. Switch out pictures during the year to suit your mood or the season.

Adding in mirrors and metallic accents are a great way to bring light and glamour to a space. Feel free to mix metals. Coppers and golds are very hot right now!


Use a generous amount of throw pillows in different colours, textures and shapes. Don’t forget about the floor where you can introduce poufs and large box cushions for extra seating.

Thanks for the tips ladies! Stay tuned for next time for our next round of design ideas!


Minto Snags 13 BILD Nominations!

It is that time of year again- the 36th annual BILD Award Finalists have just been announced and Minto has been nominated for 13 awards this year!


The Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) recognizes builders, developers, designers, architects, and sales & marketing professionals across the GTA for their contribution to building quality, complete communities across the region.

We have been honored to receive many awards from the BILD Association in the past and can’t wait for April 28th when the 2015 winners will be announced at their annual gala event!

Below is a picture of our super team accepting an award at last year’s BILD !




Check out all the awards that we have been nominated for this year!

Best Logo (Low Rise) – Queen’s Landing

Best Non Sales Video – Minto Bside

Best Marketing Innovation – Minto Bside

Best Marketing Innovation – Minto Westside

Best Suite Design – Minto Bside: The 844

Best Innovative Suite Design – Minto Bside: the 632

Best Innovative Home Design – Oakvillage: Twilight

Best Semi Detached/Townhome Design – Oakvillage: Castlerock

Best Sales Person or Team (High Rise) – Minto Sales Team

Best Sales Person or Team (Low Rise) – Minto Sales Team

Best Sales Office (Small) – Minto Oakvillage

Best Marketing Person or Team – Minto Marketing Team

Green Builder of the Year


Congratulations to our employees, trades and consultants for their dedication and contributions! And a huge thank you to the BILD Association for their recognition, support and consideration. Wish us luck and stay tuned for the results on April 28th!

We Won the EnerQuality Green Builder of the Year Award … Again!

On February 26th, The Minto Group was once again honored for its commitment to energy efficiency and creating better places through its sustainability practices at the 2015 EnerQuality Awards Gala held yesterday in Toronto. Consistent dedication to designing and building high performing, comfortable and efficient new homes for its customers earned Minto the Ontario Green Builder of the Year award marking the fourth time in five years the company has received this honor.

2015 Green Builder Award-Instagram

“We are incredibly proud to be recognized by EnerQuality for our approach to energy efficiency and creating value for our customers through our greener design and building practices,” said Alison Minato, Vice President Sustainability, The Minto Group. “This has been an exciting year highlighted by the launch of our new Net Zero Energy home options in our Arcadia community in Kanata, and this award that underscores the concentrated efforts of everyone at Minto to create better places.” The EnerQuality award is presented annually to a builder that raises the bar from the rest of the industry through its leadership in improving the environmental, energy efficiency, and overall image of the industry. Winning two times in a row, and 4 times of the past 5 years, makes us proud and encourages us to keep the momentum growing stronger!


Two important sustainability initiatives we demonstrated this year are the Bside Nissan Leaf S partnership promotion, and Ottawa’s Arcadia community introducing an entire block of Net Zero Homes!

Nissan Leaf Incentive: Bside Toronto

Bside at Minto Westside’s Nissan Leaf electric vehicle car promotion was definitely an attribute in this year’s EnerQuality win! This promotion offered the first 20 Bside condo purchasers, who bought a suite and a parking spot equipped with an electric-vehicle charging station a free Nissan Leaf S! This program not only provided fantastic value but also raised awareness about the lack of EV infrastructure in the downtown area. In many cases it is not a lack of environmental sensitivity that’s stopping downtown residents from going ‘electric’ but actually a lack of EV charging stations in the core. Through this green initiative, Minto hoped to increase the ubiquity of green transportation downtown while also helping future residents live a more sustainable lifestyle. Bside has been developed with a dedicated transformer for EV charging stations offering residents who want a vehicle in the city the ability to make an affirmative environmental decision. “We’re thrilled to be offering this new incentive program to purchasers of Bside”, Amanda Wilson Watkins, Vice-President of Marketing and Sales for Minto. “This is more than just an incentive, it’s really giving Minto a chance to raise awareness about sustainable mobility and help purchasers make the right choice when it comes different transportation options.” Here at Minto, the ultimate goal is to design for the future, and we recognize that accessible charging is an important consideration when people are looking at purchasing an electric vehicle.


Zero Net Home: Arcadia Ottawa:

In Ottawa, our Arcadia community truly demonstrates Minto’s dedication to sustainable building design and techniques. We have exceeded the voluntary technical program requirements with our “Net Zero Energy Ready” homes across the entire Arcadia community. It is a net zero home, which means that in a given year, the home will produce as much energy as it uses. Projecting a 65 per cent reduction in total home energy consumption, the NZEr Killarney is positioned to further offset remaining energy use with the option to add solar panels post purchase. “Our Net Zero Energy ready home speaks to Minto’s 40 year legacy in sustainability and innovation,” says Brent Strachan, Senior Vice President, Minto Communities Canada. “We’re proud to introduce this high performing home that blends technology, design and materials to create better places for people to live, work and play.” Exterior package upgrades are also available for all single family models in Arcadia to allow for up to a 50 per cent reduction in heating and cooling costs compared to a typical home. Features including drain water heat recovery, low VOC paints and high efficiency water fixtures are standard on all Arcadia models.

This is unique to the industry as this extraordinary sustainability approach applies to all model types in the community and is available for the entire block. This is the first time a home like this has been offered to the average buyer! More importantly, our architectural and construction team has found unique and creative ways to conceal the green innovations in the design making the NetZero home it appear quite typical and beautiful.

Minto designs and builds homes to deliver environmental and energy performance to benefit people now and in the future with lower costs, improved comfort and healthier living.


Till next year’s awards, we look forward to an awesome, Green motivated, 2016 at here at Minto!


Meet Diogo, Our Online Sales Rep

If you’ve visited any of our communities on, then you may have already met Diogo, our Online Sales Representative! Diogo is often the first person that our prospective purchasers connect with before moving on to meet with our on-site Sales Reps.  Diogo helps our home buyers narrow down the community and home-type they are looking for and then connects them with an on-site Sales Rep so they can better assist with all the project details. You can find him by clicking the Chat Live button on the bottom right corner of all our active, for-sale, communities in the GTA.



We sat down with Diogo to learn more about him and his role at Minto. He has great insight on the all of our developments and shared some personal details about what makes him the perfect fit for this exciting role!


Hi Diogo! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Well, I’ve been working for the past 7 years as a manager for various retail stores – I love interacting with people and helping them pick out the perfect item. During that time, I’ve managed to continue studying on a part-time basis, obtaining both a Marketing and Management diploma, and my Real Estate License. All of these certifications have helped me understand and work in my current role from a different perspective. When I’m not studying or working, I enjoy travelling to new destinations, eating at new restaurants, and playing all types of sports.

Minto Online Sales Rep

What motivates you?

Challenges motivate me. The more challenging the project, the more I want to be successful in getting it finished.

What made you want to get into sales?

When I was 5, I would often tell my mom that I was going to sell her home-made bread because all of the kids in the neighbourhood loved it. One day, I set up a table outside our home, but before my mom could hand me the bread I would panic and say, “I’m nervous… I’m nervous…”. Needless to say, I didn’t close many deals back then. As I got older I thought back to that story many times and have worked hard to overcome my nerves and focus on becoming successful at sales. I fostered my talents in the retail market and am now ecstatic about my transition into real estate.  I’ve always been interested in real estate and working at Minto has allowed me to continue pursuing my passion.

Minto Online Sales Rep

What are some of the most common questions you get?

Most often the first questions I get from prospective buyers are “Can I get a Price List?” and “What is the occupancy date?”. I’m the first point of contact for our customers and they’re often looking for some information prior to entering our sales office. They need to be sure if the community being sold fits their budget and time frame.

Do you have a favorite project right now?

My favourite project is definitely Minto Westside. Situated within walking distance from the best the city has to offer, yet close to major highways and public transit  is what attracts me. The incredible amenities included in the building are just an added bonus.

Minto Westside

What is your advice to people who are just beginning the search for a new home online?

The potential purchasers that I speak to are typically in the early stages of buying a home; especially when they are browsing online. My advice to them is to make sure you are qualified first and that you are aware of the true cost of home ownership. Next, I would suggest having a sales rep assist in the buying process. Sales reps will offer their services free of charge to the buyer, and they are able to provide invaluable guidance to help with your decision.


Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us Diogo! If you want to get expert advice from Diogo, you can find him online on our Minto Westside, Minto Yorkville Park, and Kingmeadow websites. 

How Minto Celebrates The Holidays with Purchasers!

This past week we celebrated the holiday season with our fabulous purchasers at a few of our favourite communities!  Minto Longbranch, Queen’s Landing, Oakvilliage and Kingmeadow joyful homeowners and their families had the opportunity to meet their neighbors and feast on a marvelous selection of festive foods. At some communities Santa arrived to take pictures with kids (and pets) and elves handed out candy canes.  At other sites, renowned violinist Grenville Pinto, a magician, and wintery foods kept everyone in the holiday spirit!

Check out some pictures here from each of our community Holiday parties!




Queen’s Landing

To all of our Minto purchasers and families, we once again thank you for showing your community support, and spending a day with us to celebrate the holidays, and your new home. We are so happy to show you a great time, and from the looks of it, everyone had a blast!

Have a safe and wonderful holiday!