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Construction 101: Framing

blog post

In our latest Construction 101 post, we’re going to explain what Framing is. It’s the most exciting part of the construction process because that’s when a building really begins to take shape.

Framing is the fitting together of pieces to give a structure support and shape. The framing process starts with the subfloor. The construction team start by placing sheets on the subfloor and then they move onto the first floor walls and the frame interior and exterior wall partitions. Once those are up, they lay the second floor sheets, then move onto the second floor interior and exterior wall partitions before they load the trusses. Once the trusses are up, they move onto the roof sheeting. For a low-rise, this whole process takes approximately two and a half to three weeks. A zoom boom is used to deliver the lumber to the site and then hammers and nails are used to do the framing.

Like forming, framing is a simple and straight-forward process and the only challenge we encounter is the difficulty of putting the roof sheeting and the lumber trusses on while it’s cold during the winter.

What part of the construction process do you want us to explain? Let us know and we’ll cover it in our next Construction 101 post.

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