July 2016 fliped

Construction Has Taken Full Speed at Minto Yorkville Park!

Minto Yorkville Park is a flurry of activity this summer! After our tremendously successful groundbreaking event, the construction team is busy in the warm, Summer weather as they continue shoring!

July 2016 fliped

Lucky for them, and our homeowners, things are rapidly moving along! The construction team is using two drill rigs at the site which allows them to work along different elevations simultaneously. The larger rig is currently working in the “dog leg” installing structural caissons. While that is happening, the smaller rig is removing the existing piles from the old parking garage which will then allow for installation of the new shoring system. Once all perimeter work is complete, the bulk of the excavation will commence.

Birds Eye View from 61 Yorkville - 13 July 2016

The site is coming along quite nicely! Stay tuned as we post more about the progress of construction and #24KaratLiving at Minto Yorkville Park or contact us today for more information!

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