Construction update: minto775 powers up

January has seen some days lost to weather, but we’re also at a time when the team is preparing the new forms called flyforms. While this change in process requires a bit of set-up time, the investment is well worth it as these forms will be reused at each level up to the top of each building, reducing the time required to form each level.

As for the progress of the structure on site, the last pour of the 2nd floor has been completed, which means we’re really getting into the suite levels.

The last pour of the second floor

While the third floor has a small section dedicated to mechanical systems, it’s largely dedicated to residential suites. As the formwork continues to progress, you’ll notice that priority is given to advancing the west tower. Not only are the main building systems supported by the west tower, but the structure of the sprawling and terracing floor plates, support walls and columns require that priority be given to the west to keep the schedule on track. The structure of the east end is comparatively simple. Each level will take approximately 1-1/2 to 2 weeks to complete (assuming weather cooperates of course), and approximately 75% of that time will be spent on the west tower.

On the more technical side, and less obvious to the passerby, we’re getting ready to have our permanent power connected by Toronto Hydro. The preparatory work involved includes delivery of the electrical equipment to be housed in the main electrical room at the P1 parking level, which happened last October. The space also needs to be enclosed and the equipment needs to be wired. This all typically takes 6 to 8 weeks.

With all the preparatory work in place, we are just awaiting the final sign-off for the room from Toronto Hydro and the Electrical Safety Authority in order for Toronto Hydro to schedule their crews. All in all, we expect to be permanently connected within 4 weeks, at which time the temporary power shack at the northwest corner will be removed and we can start accessing the main power supply instead.

Once the structure advances to the 5th floor, the fun can really begin. By that time we will be starting to form the actual shape of the exterior of the building, as exterior drywall, precast, windows and even some masonry work get underway. In order to blend new with old and fit in with the existing charm of the area, the exterior is comprised of an interesting blend of materials to give it an authentic feel against typical window wall towers.

Along the street frontages, the lower levels find windows being flanked by precast concrete panels and masonry piers that extend. Intermediate details of a composite panel system that ties in to the finish of the west tower provide points of interest. At the courtyard, precast concrete panels, brick and windows will blend to complement the stunning landscape features. While the diverse materials make the work more complicated, they go a long way to contributing to what will be a stunning building.

Setting the wall forms for the concrete shear walls from the 2nd to 3rd floor

Preliminary exterior work (things like precast, brick and windows) is expected to start at end of March or the beginning of April. We look forward to sharing the photos with you when the building really starts to come into its own.

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