Construction update: minto775 works up to the third floor

It’s been a while since our last update, but not to worry. The weather since our last post has been cooperative and progress is right on schedule.  As work on the second floor slab nears completion, work is getting underway on the south areas of the west tower.

The verticals between the second and third floors are well underway

Pouring of walls and columns from ground floor to second floor commenced prior to the holidays, and the team is preparing to start building the formwork for the third floor slab. Watch for the first pour to happen in the next couple of weeks! Well in advance of progressing to the next level, details are being coordinated with the trades to ensure all of the suite modifications you have discussed with the décor team are accommodated, so it’s just a matter of adding the key ingredients – steel and concrete of course! – around the mechanical and electrical work once the forms are in place.

Formwork being moved into place as we get ready to pour the next slab
Bird’s eye view of the area that will become the courtyard

With minto775 coming along so quickly, we’ll be providing construction updates more frequently than in the past. Remember that if you have any more specific questions or concerns, you can always ask us on Twitter!

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