Best Food Trucks to Check out This Summer in T.O!

Summertime in Toronto is the best time to check out the city’s great selection of food trucks! Scrumptious, savory and sweet hotspots are springing up everywhere this summer giving us a chance to grab a bite and hang out under a shaded tree for the perfect picnic!

Here’s our list of some of the BEST Food Trucks you must try this summer!

Gorilla Cheese

These are no ordinary grilled cheese sandwiches! This food truck takes a spin off the most classic comfort food and creates gourmet perfection! You can find a variety of grilled cheese choices such as ‘The Lumberjack’, with cheese bacon apple and maple syrup, or ‘The Neopolitan’, which combines unlikely but tasty ingredients such as strawberries and Nutella, cheese on cinnamon raisin bread! Yum!!!!




Buster’s Sea Cove

We had to include this one; Buster’s Sea Cove is the only seafood Food Truck offered in Toronto! Although it is run by the same owners of the St. Lawrence Market and Long Branch establishment, the truck menu is unique and always changing! You can find one-of-a-kind items such as ‘shrimp po’boys, calamari sandwiches, octopus, fish tacos and lobster rolls that are made with Nova Scotia Lobster! We bet your mouth is watering now!




Gourmet Gringos

Gourmet Gringos set out to fulfil their mission of serving fresh, authentic, Latin cuisine to Torontonians! With delights such as low-braised pork shoulder tacos, fish tacos, and hand-pressed Argentinean Empanadas, it’s no wonder a huge crowd gathers anywhere this truck makes its entrance! Apart from their delicious menu, Gourmet Gringos sources from local farms and all their meat and produce are 100% local. What’s more? Fresh guacamole is prepared every single morning from only the best avocados! What a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon; lunch is served!




Caplansky’s Food Truck!

Caplansky’s is one of the most well-established and loved restaurant in the City, so it is no surprise that they took their mouth watering sandwiches on the road for more people to enjoy! Smoked meat sandwiches are of course the staple here, but don’t underestimate their famous and exclusive latkes poutine! Although they claim to be a ‘deli’ truck, there are far more options such as daily soup, grilled cheese, spring rolls and even donuts with flavors such as maple beef-bacon! This will surely hit the spot!

TORONTO, ON - JULY 23 - Zane Caplansky,outside Sony Centre with his food truck called Thundering Thelma which is tied up in City of Toronto red tapeÉ..His truck sell smoked meat and other things but has to sell out of private property Toronto, July 23, 2013. Colin McConnell/Toronto Star



Eva’s Original Chimneys

Lastly, we thought we would leave you off with something sweet! If you haven’t already tried a ‘chimney’, you’ll want to soon! This Hungarian cake is a freshly baked, bread-like pastry, in a cylindrical shape with a crunchy outer layer, and soft and fluffy dough on the inside! Chimney’s cakes and cones are made with only premium quality ingredients, from scratch, by hand and baked on an open gas rotisserie grill! There are lots of flavors to choose from, whether you want an ‘Original’ which is a delicious pastry cone filled with real ice cream, ‘Eva’s Apple Pie’, homemade apple preserves with cinnamon and ice-cream, or an ultimate experience such as the ‘Dream Cone’, made with Nutella , butter toffee bits, organic cocoa drizzle topped with homemade salted caramel Brownie! On second thought, you may want to do dessert BEFORE lunch! YUMMY!




With the warm breeze in the air, and longer days ahead, our palates are only getting bigger, hungrier, and more adventurous! Come out and enjoy one, or some of these meals on wheels today and skip the everyday restaurant experience for one that will have you enjoying the outdoors even more!

Check out more food trucks at the Food Trucks Toronto website.

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