Get fit at Minto775 with Alwynn Taylor!


For the past few months, the fabulous Alwynn Taylor from the Benchmark Group, has been teaching yoga, pilates, and spinning classes at Minto775.

Alwynn, who’s traveled the world and lived abroad for many years, left the corporate world and decided to pursue something that not only makes her happy but helps others too. She loves all things fitness, including tennis which she taught for several years after almost going pro.

She teaches classes three times a day, twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the fitness amenities space at Minto 775. She teaches a morning bootcamp, an evening spin class, and an evening yoga class.

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“I care about the people I work with,” she told us. “I like to keep my classes small and intimate so that everyone gets to connect with each other and meet their neighbours. It’s also a great way for me to to get to know all my students.”

Her classes are a mix of super active spinners and novices. But whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced spinner,  it doesn’t matter to her or to anyone in the class. “It’s not intimidating and everyone is really encouraging and warm,” insists Alwynn.

People in her yoga classes lead really stressful lives – one student is in IT, another works in the crazy world of fashion – and all are at different stages of their lives but they come together to disconnect from the world and to connect with their bodies.


Whether it’s spin, TRX or yoga, most of her students tell Alwynn that they’re sleeping much better which means that she’s doing her job well! They come to class stressed and tense then leave feeling more open and relaxed. (Bonus: Alwynn gives head massages at the end of each class!)

So if you live at Minto775 then we highly recommend that you drop by for a class. Your body mind and soul will thank you!

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