Southshore (2013-12-30) Aerial #3

Kicking off 2014 with great momentum at Southshore

Southshore (2013-12-30) Aerial #1

We’re kicking off the year with some great momentum after a successful 2013 at Southshore. Here’s our first update for the year.

Concrete Formwork

The Form/pour of the front entry porch is currently underway from block 2 to 7.

Underground Garage Work

Currently under progress is the installation of the fire dampers, exhaust/air shaft fans along with the installation of the garage unit heaters. The entrance stairwell railing installation is also in progress and the installation of the Enbridge main gas lines/meters is starting soon.

Over the next few weeks we’ll start installing the main sprinkler fire pump and the garage heating boilers and heating pumps.

Southshore (2013-12-30) Aerial #2

Excavation, site servicing and landscaping

The Auger excavation for the entry porch piers between block 6 and 7 is in progress and we have completed the terrace area drains for the east side of block 1 and 2. The storage tank area excavation to sub-grade is also complete.

Southshore (2013-12-30) Aerial #3


The Drywall installation is in progress on block 1 and we’ve started the mud, tape and sand drywall. We’re also completing the insulation/air tightness in the remaining units.

The back framing, sprinkler rough in and fire stopping is almost complete on block 2. Over the next few weeks we’ll move onto the sprinkler pressure pipe testing and we’ll start the insulation/ air tightness preparations.

On blocks 3 to 4, the exterior brick installation is in progress along with the pre-drywall fire separations and the flat roof membranes.

On block 5 and the framing of the interior partitions is in progress and the window installation is complete and on blocks 6 to 7, we’re working on the 3rd floor walls.

Southshore is sold out but don’t let that stop you from exploring the amazing area. Minto Longbranch is just a few minutes away and is now selling. Check out this exciting new project at

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