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Meet Tiago and Pedro, Minto’s Managers of Land Development

Meet Tiago and Pedro, two of our fearless leaders behind our Land Development team. They are responsible for everything from advising on land acquisitions at the very beginning of a project to putting in roads, sidewalks, and parks at the completion of a project. Everything that goes along with building a community is looked after by these guys!

Minto Communities Team

Tiago is the Land Development Manager for Low Rise Construction, and Pedro is the Manager for High Rise Construction. For both Low Rise and High Rise, the Land Development team helps the Acquisitions team to advise them on sites in terms of zoning by-laws, planning, and legislation around a certain site. Once the land is acquired, the Land Development team works getting approvals in place from the municipalities, servicing, landscaping, and designing the community. They consider the growth in population, activity and demand on the community infrastructure that the new development brings and works with the municipalities to agree on the necessary requirements to build or revise.

In Low Rise projects, all utility design and approval is coordinated by the Land Development team. They coordinate the trades for servicing the development which then allows the construction team to come in and start building the project.

In High-Rise projects, hydro, gas lines, and sewers are the responsibility of the construction team, and the Land Development team is responsible for coordinating the consultant’s team, obtaining Official Plan and Zoning changes and coordinate the beginnings of construction with approvals and permits.

In Mid-Rise projects like Minto Longbranch and Minto Southshore, Tiago and Pedro work together finding the middle ground in developing a site that had elements of High and Low rise.

Mid-rise development Minto Southshore

After all of the home building is complete, the Land Development team is back in the community for another 2-3 years finishing the community with roads, asphalt, sidewalks, parks, and anything else needed to complete the neighbourhood. “It’s a long process that has us in a project right at the very beginning and right at the very end” says Tiago.

Another big part of Tiago and Pedro’s job is coordinating with local elected officials and creating a relationship with the community. They present our building plans to the community to ensure everyone is on-board and happy with the plan, listening to the neighbourhood’s concerns and taking them into consideration when developing the project. “It’s important to us to reach out to the community to initiate a good relationship right from the start of a project so that a good tone is set moving forward” explains Pedro.

The Land Development team is also responsible for protecting any heritage homes on a site that a city requires be protected in order to build. They coordinated the careful and meticulous move of the Cox House at Minto WaterGarden to another location on the site to make room for the condo building, and now the Cox House being refurbished for future use.

Cox House
The Cox House at Minto WaterGarden

Pedro and Tiago say that the biggest challenge of their job is maintaining the vision throughout the whole planning process. “You need to understand the end goal of a project and what it can be in the future, and then help it come to fruition” explains Pedro.

While there is a lot of planning and coordinating to do before the project gets off the ground, Tiago and Pedro both agree that the best part of the job is once the project gets to construction. “That’s when all the fun happens” says Tiago. “You finally get to see all the process and planning you’ve been working on come to life.” We’re glad we have two fantastic Land Development Managers making all of Minto’s projects come to life so well!

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