Minto Longbranch Etobicoke Toronto

Meet Your Neighbours at Minto Longbranch

Meet Trevor and Barbara Ann! They’re a young couple who purchased at Minto Longbranch and can’t wait to move into their new home. We met up with them get the scoop about everything from Longbranch living to Fashion blogging. Here’s what they have to say about the community.

Minto Longbranch Etobicoke Toronto


1. What brought you and Trevor to the Minto Longbranch neighbourhood?

My husband, Trevor and I are two creatives, always looking for adventure and inspiration. Living so close to the water and the city is actually a dream come true.


2. What are you most looking forward to when you move into your Minto Longbranch home?

After renting for 5 years, we cannot wait for a fresh start with a lot more space! I work as an art director and fashion blogger and Trevor works in finance and moonlights as a photographer. We plan to create beautiful projects and memories in our little Minto Longbranch home!


3. You purchased a Village 3 bedroom corner with a rooftop terrace, what did you like about this suite?

We fell in love with the outdoor space on the rooftop terrace. Trevor and I love to entertain. We are also looking forward to all of the natural light that will come in from being a corner unit. I can’t wait to decorate the entire house!


4. As a fashion blogger, can you tell us about what you do? Trends you see? Favourite stores?

I’ve been a fashion blogger for 3 years now, after a friend pushed me into posting outfit pictures on Instagram. From there things sort of took off, I started my website, Barbara Ann Style Blog, and started working with exciting brands like, Hudson’s Bay, Swell and Zara. My favourite trend for the spring/summer season is the 1970s. Everything from bold prints to flares and platforms are coming back for the season.


We look forward to welcoming Barbara Ann and Trevor, as well as the rest of our residents to the Minto Longbranch neighbourhood!


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