Minto Caledonia is now LEED certified

Minto Caledonia Park

It’s a well known fact that Minto Condos is focused on sustainability. Minto has among the highest number of LEED® certified residential projects in Toronto, including Minto Midtown, Minto Roehampton and Radiance at MintoGardens. And we’re pleased to announce that Caledonia Towns is now part of that list and has received LEED® Gold certification.

LEED® is like a celebrated stamp of environmental approval and is an achievement we’re proud of. LEED® stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is awarded by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC). It is an internationally recognized third party environmental program that evaluates a home, building or community’s sustainable building and energy performance.

In pursuing LEED® certification, a building or home undergoes a holistic examination of its performance in five key areas of human and environmental health: sustainable site development, water use efficiency, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality.

Minto Caledonia

Here are some of the features at Caledonia Towns that helped it earn the gold certification.

All-off switch: Connected to hard wired lighting and specifically marked “green plug” outlets, this convenient switch makes it easy to turn off a number of devices at once – reducing energy consumption.

ENERGY STAR® appliances: These use at least 30% less energy than a non-ENERGY STAR® product, saving homeowners money while emitting fewer greenhouse gases.

ENERGY STAR® windows: This window helps maintain a constant atmosphere in a room, saving on the energy needed to heat or cool a room.

Gas and hydro sub-metering: Gas and electricity are individually metered, ensuring that homeowners only pay for what they use.

Water efficient toilet: Using a single 4.8-litre single flush, this toilet has been tested to reduce water consumption by 20%, while still consistently providing an effective flush.

Enhanced Insulation: The improved insulation in this home will help to regulate temperatures during both the hot and cold seasons, preventing the inconsistencies that are common in a home only built to standard Ontario Building Code.

Low-VOC materials and finishes: Minto carefully selects the paints, adhesives and finishes in a home to reduce the volume of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that you breathe in.

Programmable thermostat: This technology empowers and enables homeowners to fully program the temperature within your home over a 7 day schedule.

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs): This home uses compact fluorescent lighting technologies, which last longer and consume less energy than their incandescent counterparts.

Heat recovery ventilation (HRV): Delivers fresh, filtered air to each room and circulates that fresh air throughout the home for improved ventilation, air quality and comfort while saving homeowners money.

Walkability to amenities, transportation and more: Encouraging use public transportation and easily connecting homeowners to their neighbours and community.

You can learn more about LEED® and why it’s important here or by visiting the Minto Sustainability website. You can also learn more about Caledonia Towns by visiting our website.


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