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Tour a two bedroom unit in under two minutes

We started off the new year with a construction update from Caledonia Towns. Southshore, also a low rise townhome project, was covered a few times in the second half of last year. These South Etobicoke townhomes are the perfect solution for those looking to live in an affordable, spacious home close to the city with access to transit, shops, restaurants and the waterfront.

With Southshore we focused on quality layouts that make the most of the space and can be customized and personalized. Space-efficient kitchens come with Energy Star appliances were designed to give homeowners the option of having a dining table or upgrading to an island for additional storage and counter space. The kitchen is king when you’re looking for a new home and we wanted these to be perfect.

The open concept living areas provide tons of flexibility for furniture setup and decor while maximizing natural light. We’ve also added direct access to private outdoor terraces from the main living spaces. The terrace essentially becomes an extension of the living room in warmer months. Have a barbecue with friends or just relax and enjoy the benefits of having a yard without the maintenance.

For the lower units, like the one in the below video, we’ve taken the living spaces where people spend the most time and raised them above ground to maximize natural light. Throughout the suites, whether it’s the two or three bedroom model, we really wanted to make sure residents get the most use out of every area. We’ve even utilized the space under the stairs for off-season storage.

In the ensuite bathrooms, we’ve included storage under an oversized vanity with drawers and glass-enclosed showers to keep things light and add an element of luxury and spaciousness. We’ll be covering Southshore in more detail over the coming months, but for now check out this video tour of a two bedroom lower unit.

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