Minto WaterGarden's appearance from the street is sleek, but its courtyard reveals much more

Minto WaterGarden May Update!

It’s been 3 months since our last WaterGarden update and we are happy to say that we are nearing the finish line!  There is a great deal of activity inside and outside the building lately.

We recently removed the hoarding and overhead protection along Yonge Street, which opens up the entire area and allows everyone a better look at the main entrance, retail units and main elevation.  This also opens up the area and will allow us to complete the precast coping installation work on the top level as well as get started on the streetscaping.

The view facing north towards WaterGarden’s main entrance and retail spaces along Yonge Street.

Site servicing work on Arnold Avenue is still ongoing but should be completed in early June. Once we complete the upgrading the storm pipe inside the site, we will begin construction of the main driveway from Arnold Avenue into the parking garage as well as the landscape surrounding.

The concrete basin for the water feature is ready to receive decorative tile & waterproofing. We should see this beginning towards the end of this month when warmer temperatures are a bit more consistent. The planter beds have been filled with drainage material & soil and the private decks are under construction at this moment. The landscapers will work alongside the pool specialists to finish the main island including stone decking, plantings and other great details such as built-in barbeque stations and overhead trellis work. Meanwhile, work is ongoing in the pool mechanical room to get all of the systems up & running for the big opening later this summer.

Here the landscapers are filling our planters with soil.

Inside the building, the trades are busy completing suite build out and finishing..  From finishing touches like backsplash, appliance and closet install on the first floor to tiling & kitchen install on the middle levels to framing and M&E rough-in on the PH level, everyone is busy!  At the same time, we are also focusing on the lobby, corridors & amenities at the same time.

Here is the view from the lobby of the courtyard & water feature.

We recently hosted WaterGarden Essentials at the presentation centre and we’re thrilled to see such a great turnout of homeowners.  Minto MasterCare will be contacted homeowners soon to arrange PDI appointments in advance of your interim closing date.  We hope everyone is as excited as we are to see the finished product!

There are only a few suites left for sale at Minto WaterGarden. If you’re interested in learning more about our Thornhill project, come by and visit our sales centre, or give us a call at 416-915-3800.

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