Minto’s Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Minto Sustainability

Minto has always had a strong commitment to quality. In 2009 we took this one step further by committing to providing third-party inspection and certification on every home we build. And because we know a third party will be inspecting everything we build, we spend time testing the homes ourselves at various stages of the building process. That way if we find any issues along the way, we can make changes as we build so that the home is built properly from the start.

This testing and inspecting process is led by our fearless Sustainability Team.  Like a research and development program, our Sustainability team is continually taking results of tests and feeding them into the designs of our projects, so that we’re constantly improving on everything we build. “The time it takes to build a home is short compared to the length that it is lived in, and so we want to ensure that it performs well over a long period of time, as it is intended to do” says Wells Baker, our Director of Conservation and Sustainable Design.

For a home owner, having your Minto home built with such quality has benefits. Since Minto always strives to be superior to building code, we are always ahead of the game as codes get better. “It ensures that when we build a home today, it is still built to code years from now, which retains the value in your home” explains Derek Hickson, our Manager of Sustainable Developments.

With a home that surpasses code, Minto ensures that everything we build is energy efficient, comfortable, and healthy for living. One leak in a home can impact the whole living experience, causing condensation, mold, and consequentially, health issues for those living there. Learn more about the benefits of our sustainable homes here.

Check out our video below to see how we test on things like a home’s “envelope”. The envelope needs to be built correctly right from the start, because unlike painting walls or installing new cabinetry, the house’s envelope can’t easily be changed once it’s built. Testing the envelope is just another way that Minto ensures that your home is built to the highest of standards!

Find out more about the benefits of Minto’s green features.

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