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New condo? There’s an app for that

Minto775 on King West will see its first residents moving in in May 2013 and we’re really looking forward to it. To make sure our purchasers have all the information and contact details they need, we’ve always provided them with a manual containing everything they need to know about the building and their new home. With paper manuals going the way of the phone book and the encyclopaedia, we came up with something new for minto775.

Minto775 purchasers will soon be able to access all the information they need about the building from any desktop, tablet or mobile device thanks to an interactive HMTL5 tool produced by Ariad. The tool offers everything you would have found in a manual but in an easy to search format that’s beautiful to interact with. It was built with responsive design, meaning that you can interact with the content in the most user-friendly way regardless of the device you’re on.

The manual covers all things you need to know as soon as you move in, and details that might come up later on, like who to call for a maintenance request. Down the road we’re looking forward to adding increased functionality with an app so you can do even more from your phone. Additional features may include the ability to get notification from and send notifications to the concierge, reserve amenities and visitor parking and manage a car sharing program. There is also the option of building a network of residents and communicating with the building management team. Here’s a sneak peek.

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