Minto Orchard Park in Stouffville

Orchard Park Construction Update

With spring officially here, construction is ramping up at Orchard Park! Led by our fearless leader and Project Manager, Dominic Damar, the team on site is busily working away on all aspects of construction to get your homes completed!

There is a lot of activity going on on-site, as each block is in various phases of construction. In Block 19 and 13, we have reached roof level, so these blocks are really starting to take shape! On Block 14 we are framing the third wall. Framing is what gives the homes their shape and structure, so we’re starting to see what this block will look like when complete.

On Block 15 and 6, the team is pouring the foundation walls, and they will start framing once the foundation is finished. On Block 34, excavation has begun, digging out the hole that will provide the foundation for this block. Excavation normally takes about 2 weeks depending on the ground conditions. Finally, in Block 31, which are Back to Back Townhomes, the footings are being poured. The footings are what your foundation wall sits on, so this the first step towards getting the structure off the ground.


Minto Orchard Park in Stouffville

Minto Orchard Park in Stouffville

Orchard Park’s site team is lead by Project Manager, Dominic Damar. Dominic’s been with Minto for a number of years now, celebrating his 7th milestone with us this past February. Before working as a Project Manager, he was an Architectural Coordinator at Minto. Orchard Park is his second project as Project Manager, his first being Credit Ridge in Brampton. Dominic is excited to be working on Orchard Park because he loves the designs of the homes. “The elevations, especially the Terrace Towns, are very unique and will definitely define the look and feel of the community,” he explains. We’re excited to see the community take shape!


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