Orchard Park sales centre: Q&A with interior designer Carmen Dragomir


The sales centre at Orchard Park has been receiving lots of compliments over the past few months and it’s all thanks to the talented Carmen Dragomir of esQape Design Inc. We’ve worked with Carmen on several of our projects over the years and she never disappoints. We caught up with her to find out more about her work on the sales centre.

It has been almost two years since we last spoke to you. What have you and your company been up to since then and what are you working on now?

Time flies by when you’re having fun and we are definitely having fun with many excitement high-rise and low-rise developments in the GTA and Ottawa. We are so excited to work on every new project because each is unique and it gives us the opportunity to create spaces that enhance people’s quality of life. We have been working extensively on a few Minto Developments, Orchard Park and Longbranch were some of the most exciting low-rise projects! Also Watergarden in Thornhill and 88 in North York are well under construction at the moment, Lansdowne and Upperwest– High Rise Condos in Ottawa as well as new marketing spaces for Low-Rise developments in Ottawa (to be launched soon) such as Arcadia and Enclave at Trailsedge. These are just a few of projects with Minto, but we also have worked on other model homes and new high rise developments across GTA, all very well received!

The sales centre is obviously one of the most important selling points because it forms people’s first impressions of the project. What does your design for the sales centre tell people about Orchard Park? What message are you trying to convey?

Orchard Park is in one of the most beautiful locations, nature plays a big role and should definitely be somehow incorporated in people’s homes. Yet, mixing the organic shapes found in nature with clean design lines, light & vibrant colors and contrasts is what I primarily had in mind.


What was the inspiration for the design? What look were you trying to achieve?

I actually had an idea of recreating the look of lanterns lit at night, most of the time found in interesting landscape designs. I wanted to do something different though so I thought of creating the lanterns look in the design of the ceiling, thus the placements of all amber lights fixtures in a random pattern. The other idea I had in mind is to create a symbiosis between an urban look & feel and just a touch of elegance, yet to make it work harmoniously with the organic layout of the light fixtures, sort of like the exterior look of the urban architecture of the townhomes and the lush green spaces around them where dwellers can incorporate outdoor lighting to personalize the exterior spaces.

How is the work you’re doing on Orchard Park different from what you’ve done with other projects?

Every project is unique not just by the shape of the space. Its unique location as well as the people who we are designing for dictates the overall interior design. My idea is to design marketing spaces as a sample of the interior design each and every buyer can recreate in their own home. We intentionally created the layout of the kitchen & living area to resemble one of the units, so anyone can leave with ideas of how they can have similar spaces in their townhome. With every project, I want people to be inspired, this is my design mission.


Are there any particular unique features or touches in the sales centre?

When you stand in the middle of the space and you look around, you can see many featured areas to support the overall look & feel. Perhaps the visual connection between the kitchen cabinetry and the seating area is worth giving the most attention to, as we have used simple wall panelling, wallpaper and furnishings to work in tandem with the cabinetry as well as the amber accent colors used throughout the space to enhance the presence of the warm finishes & vibrant contrasts. We have purposely used white high gloss textures for the millwork design of the reception desk and site plan table to showcase how mixing transitional elements and more contemporary finishes can work well in every space. I want everyone walking into the sales centre to find design inspiration elements for when they will be decorating their own space and shop for furniture and furnishings. Again, I want every visitor to be inspired.

The sales centre look great! Thanks Carmen for another job well done. For a few more photos of the sales centre, visit our Facebook album or better yet, visit the sales centre in person at 5450 Main St., Stouffville!

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