Minto Queen's Landing Site Nov 2015

Our First Update on the Queen’s Landing Site!

If you’ve driven by the Queen’s Landing site lately, you will have seen the flurry of activity as the land is being prepped for construction!

Minto Queen's Landing Site Nov 2015


The site has now been cleared and site servicing has started. This is needed to install the under-workings of the community so that homes can be built on top and serviced by the township. Currently the Land Development team is over-seeing the installation of the sewers and watermain, and they are prepping the site for road work.

The Minto Land Development team plays an important role in the development of a community. They are the ones who work on getting approvals in place from municipalities in order to build, as well as installing site servicing, landscaping, and designing the community. Once site servicing is complete, the Construction team will come in and start building. Click here to learn more about our Land Development team at Minto.

After home construction at Queen’s Landing is complete, the Land Development team will be back on-site finishing up the Queen’s Landing neighbourhood with roads, ashphalt, sidewalks, and parks. They’re the ones who oversee the very beginning and very end of a project!


Take a look at these photos to see how site-servicing is coming along:

Minto Queen's Landing Site Nov 2015

Site Servicing Nov 2015 2-edit Site Servicing Nov 2015-edit


Interested in living at Queen’s Landing? Register now for Phase 2 or click here for more information!


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