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30 Roe is Topping Off… With Some Whip Cream!

On Friday October 30th we celebrated as Minto30Roe reached its full height of thirty four floors!

Even though it was a cold and windy day, that didn’t stop an excited group of Minto employees who climbed to the top of Minto30Roe to view the spectacular sites from the rooftop!


To celebrate this exciting construction milestone the Minto team hosted over 200 trades staff for lunch in the soon-to-be Minto30Roe Party Room. On the menu? A hearty feast of a gourmet BBQ of course! (Click the link below to see the full event! )

Our Project Manager Michael Barber expressed his appreciation to the Trades for all their hard work on this Topping-Off occasion. After his speech he courageously volunteered to take a pie-in-the-face and invited all the trades, and some eager Minto employees to toss one at him for the Minto United Way charity campaign! Thanks for showing such great spirit Michael Barber; we absolutely share your enthusiasm for the fantastic progress at Minto30Roe!

View more photos of the party on our Facebook album.






Construction is well on its way and we’re just beginning to put the finishing touches on this beautiful building. Not only have we topped of but the windows are now installed up to the 29th floor, suites are being framed up to the 18th and the drywall is in up to the 9th floor! We’ve also begun, painting, tiling and installing.  Metal panels around the podium are going in and the balcony railings are also well on their way!

Construction Update October 30-15

To get more information about Minto30Roe including floorplans and our sales centre hours, please visit minto30roe.com.

Construction is Hot at Minto30Roe!

This summer has been hot, just like construction at Minto30Roe! The tower is taking off, and is now rising above the Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood. You’ve probably seen it if you’ve been by the area – it looks exactly like our rendering! Life mimicking art, isn’t it beautiful!

Minto 30Roe Construction

The construction team is now pouring concrete for the 25th floor. The pours are coming along quickly thanks to the fly forms being used to help pour concrete on each floor. The windows have been installed up to the 16th floor, making the exterior of the building look almost finished up to these floors!

Minto 30Roe Construction

Inside the building, lots of work is going on to creating the interiors of your future home at Minto30Roe. The corridors of each floor have been framed up to the 10th floor. The suites are also coming along quickly and have been framed up to the 6th floor, making the suites come to life with their individual rooms. The drywalling team is following up framing, now drywalling up to the 3rd floor suites.
Minto 30Roe Construction

If you’re in the Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood, be sure to take a walk down Roehampton Ave to catch a glimpse of the progress at Minto30Roe!

Minto 30Roe Construction

Want to live here? We still have suites available at Minto30Roe! Contact us or come visit us at the Minto Condo Store to speak with a sales representative today!



Construction is Heating Up at Minto30Roe!

If you’ve been to Yonge and Eglinton recently you would have noticed the Minto30Roe tower that’s rising up over the neighbourhood. We’re excited to see how quickly the tower is taking shape! With the warm summer weather approaching, lot’s of activity is happening on site. The team is now pouring concrete for the 15th floor, meaning we’re almost half-way to the top! The windows are being installed up to the 6th floor, and steel stud framing is up to the 4th floor for corridors. They are also now starting to frame the suite layouts from the ground floor up – it’s great to start seeing your new home come to life!

Minto30Roe Construction

Time for a little Construction 101: For a quick and efficient process of pouring the concrete on each floor, the 30Roe team uses fly forms. Fly forms are a type of formwork that expedites the forming process when the building progresses above grade and the floor layouts are more regular and repetitive on each floor.  For Minto30Roe the typical floors are from 8 to 34. A type of mold, made of large trusses, is assembled between columns and walls and covered with plywood where the concrete is poured. Once the plywood is in place, the bottom reinforcing steel is placed, electrical conduit, sleeving for mechanical lines and any in-slab duct is placed, followed by the top layer of steel and, finally, concrete.

Minto30Roe Flyform Minto30Roe Fly Form

Once a slab is poured and the concrete is strong enough, the entire mold of trusses is flown out of the structure using the towercrane, and landed on top of the new slab, ready for concrete to be poured in. Fly forms help move the floor forming along quickly! Take a look at this aerial shots to see how Minto30Roe is taking shape in the neighbourhood!

Minto30Roe Construction

Interested in living at Minto30Roe? There are still suites available! Give us a call at 416.915.3800, email us at 30roe@minto.com or visit us at the new Minto Condo Store today!

Saying Goodbye to the Minto30Roe Sales Centre

Minto30Roe is well under construction, and as many of you may have heard, due to our overwhelming success the Sales Centre is now closed. We’re sad to say goodbye to such a great space, but we’re excited to be moving into our brand new condo store at 90 Sheppard Avenue East, 5th floor, where our sales representatives will be ready to assist you! Since we’re saying goodbye to our Sales Centre, we want to take a moment to walk down memory lane and reminisce on some of the fabulous events we’ve hosted at the Minto30Roe Sales Centre over the last few years. Take a look at some of our photos below. Minto 30Roe Toronto

Model Suite Kitchen

Minto 30Roe Toronto

Model Suite Bedroom 1

Minto 30Roe Toronto

Model Suite Bedroom 2

  Minto 30Roe Toronto

Model Suite Kitchen

  Minto 30Roe Toronto

Minto30Roe 1st Time Buyer Info Session

Minto 30Roe Toronto

Minto30Roe Chinese New Year Party

Minto 30Roe Toronto

Minto30Roe Nashville Event

  Minto 30Roe Toronto

Minto30Roe Yoga

Interested in living at Minto30Roe? There are still units available! Call today at 416-915-3800 or email 30roe@minto.com to book your appointment today!

Ten More Reasons to love Minto30Roe

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and what better occasion to proclaim our love for Minto30Roe than February 14th?! Last year we shared with you 30 reasons to love Minto30Roe, including being steps away from transit, retail therapy and the perfect hangover food. Here are 10 more reasons to fall in love with Minto30Roe again:

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