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Imagine Your Dream Home at Minto Westside!

We’ve just made it even easier to imagine your dream home at Minto Westside!

Check out these NEW 3D models for some of our most favourite suites. They’ll help give you a better idea of where to place that new area rug, sectional sofa and vintage night stands.
View the plans now, click on each model below for more pictures and information!

Welcome home to the King West Neighborhood!


The 520


The 540540-a
The 545


The 600


The 688


The 733

733-aThese stunning suites, remarkable building amenities and  the fabulous neighbouhood are just some of the reasons to check out the Sales Centre at 25 Bathurst Street today! Find out more about how you too can call the Westside neighborhood home!

PLUS we’re starting construction soon! We are moving to our NEW CONDO GALLERY at 700 King Street West on March 26th to make room for Minto Westside! Come check us out there next week!

The Minto Southshore scale model

If you visited the Minto Southshore sales centre before the scale model was in place, it might be time for a second visit. Here’s what the model looked like at various stages of completion. The model was made by JS Models and Guthrie Muscovitch Architects designed the project.





How 3Di Solutions is reinventing the condo sales centre

We recently paid a visit to 3Di‘s studio in the unlikely neighbourhood of Kensington Market. They specialize in building interactive 3D touch screens for condo sales centres. They use video game engine technology to recreate the building (88 Condos, in this case) inside and out from every possible angle on an interactive touch screen. Because all elements of the environment exist simultaneously within the game engine, you can look at the whole neighbourhood surrounding the building, then zoom in to the lobby or the party room in one continuous motion.

What does this mean? Essentially, they’ve created a much more powerful tool for previewing a yet-to-be-build building, rewriting  the old rules of the presentation centre in the process. You no longer need a table in the middle with an architectural model sitting on it. The screens can go anywhere, and you can have more than one to accommodate more people. This means you can be more creative with the layout and even make do with a much smaller space if necessary.

The same navigation features can also be made available on an iPad, removing the sales centre itself from the equation. Brokers and agents now have much more flexibility in how and where they they work with clients. Check out the below video for a glance at how it all comes together.

Q&A with 88 interior designer Carmen Dragomir

You may recall our last interview with Carmen when we discussed her approach to our WaterGarden development. Now she’s working with us again on 88. We caught up with her to ask her about this new venture.

What inspiration did you take from 88’s location at Yonge & Sheppard?

CD: 88 has one of the best locations right in the urban core of North York. With a density that increases every year, I thought it would be ideal for our condo dwellers to find a small private oasis inside their private residential complex, so my interior design ideas revolved around the exterior water garden design by the landscape architect.

88 has a large water feature that is similar to Minto WaterGarden. How did you incorporate the outdoor setting of the water feature into the interior design of 88 while differentiating the design from Minto WaterGarden?

CD: The interior space was created to capture the essence of the landscape design. From inside the lobby, exercise room and party room, there is a kind of communion between the interior and exterior spaces. Each amenity space features finishes and furnishings complementary to the outdoor design. Both spaces live together, separated only by the glass wall of the north façade of the building.

88 has a contemporary look with large surfaces enriched with textures like wood and stone, vivid red colors and lighting accents.

WaterGarden, by contrast, uses a more transitional approach with intricate details, shapes & forms, blue accents and large light fixtures.

What is it like to design a space that has yet to be built versus working in a space that you can see and feel?

CD: It actually makes no difference for me if the space I design is already built or not. If anything it gives me more opportunities to create the space from inside out. When I come up with a design concept I can see all the details in my mind, like the ceilings, cove lighting, recessed niches, wall finishes, textures, and furniture.

Since the project details were still being finalized as you began designing, was there a lot of interaction with the architect or engineers? What other consultants or groups of people did you have to work with in order to understand or complete your design?

CD: There is always constant coordination with all consultants from architects and engineers to the landscape architect. All of our design concepts are then put into 3D by another consultant who is in charge of the video, animation and renderings of the spaces. It is quite a laborious and very fulfilling process.

We spoke to you about your firm, esQape Design Inc., in our last interview. What is the company up to in general? How many team members worked with you on the design for 88?

CD: We are working on quite a few condominium projects these days, but only on quality developments with a clear vision and appreciation for good design. There were four of us working on this project at the design stage. Each project is different and I love when a great new project comes along because I always find inspiration for new themes and design ideas. I’m always excited to be able to make a design vision reality.

Special thanks to Carmen for her time. Once we share the renderings, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect from 88, but we think this interview with Carmen nicely whets the appetite.

Our Minto WaterGarden model is complete!

If you saw our last post on the Minto WaterGarden scale model, then you know more or less what to expect. The model is now complete and in place at our Thornhill sales centre.

We’ll have the details on opening dates for you shortly. In the mean time, here’s a sneak peek at the finished model.

A view from above
Walkway detail
The interior lighting really makes a difference
Courtyard detail

Thanks to Peter McCann for sharing his process with us and letting us into his space to document it. Stay tuned for news of the sales centre opening and, of course, updates on all of Minto’s other Toronto projects.

Revisiting the WaterGarden 3D model

Last week we brought you a behind-the-scenes look at the construction of our WaterGarden 3D model. A week has gone by and it should be in place at the sales centre very soon. Here are some shots of what the model looked like when we dropped by Peter McCann’s studio yesterday afternoon.

Landscaping has begun on the base of our model

Those tubes have tiny strands of lighting wrapped around them. The finished model will be lit from within for that authentic lived-in look.

The last few pieces are being painted
What the model looks like so far

The model is about 95% complete from a structural standpoint and 85% complete aesthetically.

An aerial view

As you can see, there are still some finishing touches missing, but it’s pretty impressive stuff overall. After six or seven weeks of hard work, we can’t wait to see it all come together.

Thanks again to Peter and his team for letting us look over their shoulders!