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Your Ultimate Summer Patio and Backyard guide

 As the summer days are heating up, there’s no better way to enjoy the weather than being outside. If you’re tired of always being indoors or stuck in AC, transform your patio, balcony or backyard space into a new living space. Make your home the spot for entertaining or relaxation by turning your patio or balcony into a fun and comfortable oasis. Here are a few quick and easy patio and backyard décor tips that will bring your outdoor space to life this summer.


Transform your backyard into an outdoor dining oasis

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If your home has a large and beautiful backyard, transform that into a fun, cozy outdoor dining space. Instead of using a conventional dining table and chair set, use colourful and comfortable wooden patio chairs to compliment a vintage wooden table. If you already have a wooden bench lying around, add that to the dining table. The wooden furniture will blend right in with the nature around it. Place a colourful runner across the table and add pillows and blankets for those cooler summer nights.


Spice up your small balcony

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Living in a condo or apartment means you may not have a backyard, but your balcony is a great spot for your own private outdoor retreat. Extend your indoor living space by adding a few decorative touches and furniture to your balcony. Add a small outdoor dining set, or small outdoor chairs and tables on top of a vibrant rug. To make your balcony cozy, place pillow and blankets over the chairs and add some decorative plants and vases to the space. For more of a warm feeling, add soft outdoor lighting to really set the mood at night.


Plan a party with the right décor

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If you enjoy hosting dinner parties or social gatherings at your home, the summer time is the perfect time to entertain. And what makes entertaining outdoors even better is the type décor pieces and themes you can choose from. Depending on your style, use colourful but elegant tableware for a festive vibe. Add warm lanterns or a string of lights to compliment your decorative dining table. Serve fun colourful drinks to add a splash of colour to your spread.


Add some art to your outdoor walls

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Simple but elegant wall art can go along way when you add it outdoors. Make your own wall art by incorporating geometric shapes, unique art pieces or plants to your wall. Adding plants to any wall will instantly transform your outdoor space, making it feel like an outdoor oasis. Purchase a wall planter and use your own DIY style to fill it with a beautiful arrangement. You can also spray paint different geometric shapes onto small wooden panels for an artistic feel.


Get creative and make your outdoor space your own. Share your own backyard and patio décor photos with us by tweeting us at @MintoCondos.



Kenya Bruce