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Construction Has Taken Full Speed at Minto Yorkville Park!

Minto Yorkville Park is a flurry of activity this summer! After our tremendously successful groundbreaking event, the construction team is busy in the warm, Summer weather as they continue shoring!

July 2016 fliped

Lucky for them, and our homeowners, things are rapidly moving along! The construction team is using two drill rigs at the site which allows them to work along different elevations simultaneously. The larger rig is currently working in the “dog leg” installing structural caissons. While that is happening, the smaller rig is removing the existing piles from the old parking garage which will then allow for installation of the new shoring system. Once all perimeter work is complete, the bulk of the excavation will commence.

Birds Eye View from 61 Yorkville - 13 July 2016

The site is coming along quite nicely! Stay tuned as we post more about the progress of construction and #24KaratLiving at Minto Yorkville Park or contact us today for more information!

Check out the Action at 88!

Yonge and Sheppard is the place to be right now. And if you drove by or live in the area then you’ve definitely noticed the new addition to the neighbourhood. Minto 88 is standing 35 storeys proud and is almost complete!

For starters, the beautiful water feature is coming along great. The mega stone slabs for the feature are being placed around the perimeter and new trees were just added to the surrounding grounds. The water feature at 88 is probably one of our favourite and most unique parts of the condo. We can’t wait for all of you to see it in person!

Minto 88 at Yonge and Sheppard

If you remember our update from December, we were framing the 4th and 5th floor suites. Today, we are framing suites on the 32nd floor and we are installing drywall on the 27th floor. The windows are finally completed at the mechanical penthouse, meaning all the windows are installed! The suite kitchens and bathrooms are also coming along nicely. Countertops have been installed all the way up to the 18th floor and we’ve been taking deliveries for kitchen appliances. The interior stairs are being installed in the townhomes and drywall installation has started on these units. The ground floor framing of the amenities has also started and is starting to really take shape!

We have only 5 suites still available at this incredible project! And 2 of them are currently being shown as model, the Burnet and the Jasmine. Check out some photos of the Jasmine suite:

Minto 88 at Yonge and Sheppard Minto 88 at Yonge and Sheppard Minto 88 at Yonge and Sheppard Minto 88 at Yonge and Sheppard

If you’re interested in Minto 88 and viewing our model suites, you’re invited to take a Hard Hat Tour with us this Saturday, June 6th. RSVP today to get your insider look!

Construction moving quickly at 88 and the opportunity to live in this amazing building is still available! You can give us a call at 416.915.3805 or visit us at the Minto Condo Store today. Move in Fall 2015!



Kenya Bruce


Construction update: minto775 now has windows!

In our last update, we hinted at the upcoming window installation. Our team had just gone to check on the windows and sure enough, they met the high expectations set by the samples. In honour of the windows, we’ll begin this update by focusing on the building’s exterior, which will conceal all the hard work happening on the inside from this point forward.

Windows for the second floor have arrived safely on site, and installation is well underway at the west and south perimeters of the building. In the next week, we should see the panels wrapping around to the (more visible) east elevation building. At the north perimeter there is a slight delay due to the intricate tie-ins with the brick feature piers, but progress at all other areas will continue at a feverish pace with third floor windows being delivered this weekend.

Windows installed at the 2nd floor overlooking the amenity courtyard
Window installation continuing at the south-west corner

Along the north perimeter, the stud installation that will form the back-up for the brick feature piers is underway. At the base of each of these piers is a precast concrete section. The Minto team, including the architect of course, made a trip to the precast plant to do a quality control review on the panels cast up to this week, and they’re looking spectacular. The U-shaped sections that will be installed along King Street are nearly all cast. Once these are shipped to the site and installed, we’ll install the brick that will extend to the first terracing level at the 6th floor above.

The shape of the sections means casting each monolithic base piece can take up to 3 days. We’ll share some pictures of the precast panel fabrication process, but will save most for the big reveal for when the elements are shipped and installed on site.

Preparing the precast concrete panel forms for the King Street feature piers
Corner precast panel fabrication - Day 1 of 2

As usual, installation of the mechanical and electrical is advancing with the structure and we’ve started on in-suite water lines and electrical panels. Drywall stud framing is the next step.

In-suite plumbing rough-ins

That being said, we close our update by returning to our beloved topic of structure. Concrete work for the 7th floor has been completed, and we are midway through pouring the 8th floor slab. At this stage, the reduced floor plate size means we can advance a floor a week (working days not calendar), weather cooperating that is. In no time we’ll be topping off the west tower. Expect to see completion of the east tower structure follow the west tower by approximately four weeks.

8th floor pour prepped & ready for concrete

Needless to say, it’s exciting times down here at Minto 775 King West!