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Queen’s Landing Construction Update!

Thanks to this relatively mild winter the work onsite at Queen’s Landing has been proceeding quite well! If you’ve driven by the site lately, you’ve no doubt seen the excavation activity and the heavy earthmovers busy at work through the last few months!




Site servicing is advancing at a rapid pace. As you may remember from our post back in the fall, the site servicing team had cleared the site and started installing the sewers and watermains and prepared the site for road work. An now the sewer installation is expected to be complete within the next few weeks. Once the underground lines have been laid and the topsoil graded over, the team will start on the road construction process, which we expect will be finished by spring.





Once site servicing is complete, Minto’s construction team can come in and start building your homes! We can’t wait to see more of the Queen’s Landing community take shape in the coming months. Stay tuned for more construction updates!

Big Changes on Site at Minto Yorkville Park!

Since demolition has started in September, a lot has changed down at our site at the corner of Cumberland and Bellair! If you’re in the neighbourhood, you’ll notice that the old office building is now completely gone! All that remains is the underground foundation of the original structure.


The demolition team has almost completed their work on site, with the crew now tasked with removing the underground parking levels from the old office building. Once that’s complete, Minto’s construction team will step in to start shoring and excavating. In just a few months Minto Yorkville Park will start to take shape!


Take a look at these photos to see the before and after shots and see how far we’ve come in the last few months:



September 2015

Yorkville Park

December 2015


February 2016

Check back soon to see our progress as we start construction!


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Our First Update on the Queen’s Landing Site!

If you’ve driven by the Queen’s Landing site lately, you will have seen the flurry of activity as the land is being prepped for construction!

Minto Queen's Landing Site Nov 2015


The site has now been cleared and site servicing has started. This is needed to install the under-workings of the community so that homes can be built on top and serviced by the township. Currently the Land Development team is over-seeing the installation of the sewers and watermain, and they are prepping the site for road work.

The Minto Land Development team plays an important role in the development of a community. They are the ones who work on getting approvals in place from municipalities in order to build, as well as installing site servicing, landscaping, and designing the community. Once site servicing is complete, the Construction team will come in and start building. Click here to learn more about our Land Development team at Minto.

After home construction at Queen’s Landing is complete, the Land Development team will be back on-site finishing up the Queen’s Landing neighbourhood with roads, ashphalt, sidewalks, and parks. They’re the ones who oversee the very beginning and very end of a project!


Take a look at these photos to see how site-servicing is coming along:

Minto Queen's Landing Site Nov 2015

Site Servicing Nov 2015 2-edit Site Servicing Nov 2015-edit


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Demolition in Yorkville

If you’ve been by the intersection of Cumberland and Bellair lately, you will have noticed that the old office building is coming down as we start to prepare for the construction of Minto Yorkville Park!

Demolition of a structure like this takes careful planning and execution and the demolition team is following a step-by-step engineered process to bring down the old building at 94 Cumberland.

Minto Yorkville Park

The first step of the process was considered largely non-structural & prepatory partial demolition. The demolition crew removed and disposed of any unnecessary equipment and materials including non-structural walls throughout the building.  An opening was cut through each floor to erect the tower crane that will assist in the demolition process such as removing the exterior precast panels of the building as well as bringing down debris.

Minto Yorkville Park

Next, the demolition contractor will begin to lower the building to the top of the third floor slab using small demolition equipment, which will be operated on the floors of the building. The remainder of the building will be demolished to ground level using demolition excavators equipped with shear, grapple and hammer attachments.

Minto Yorkville Park

Once the building has been leveled to grade, the crew will demolish and remove the existing foundation of the building, demolishing while backfilling to facilitate the start of excavation & shoring for Minto Yorkville Park.

We’re looking forward to seeing the progress on site at Minto Yorkville Park! We’ll continue to keep you in the loop on construction as the building starts to take off.

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Welcome Home to 88!

We now have occupancy at 88! This is a huge construction milestone and means that we have completed the building and passed all the necessary inspections for residents to begin moving in.



Last Saturday, we welcomed our very resident, Roberto, to his new home at 88 with a welcome basket from Minto. He was ecstatic to take possession of his new condo and to receive such a warm greeting from the Move-In team. He can’t wait to be all set-up in his new condo at Yonge and Sheppard. Thanks for being our first move-in Roberto! You are the first one to call this amazing new building home!

88 First Move Ins 2



88 is looking fabulous (if we do say so ourselves!) with most of the amenity areas now complete. Take a look at the photos below to see for yourself:

IMG_0345 (4) IMG_0348 IMG_0343 (2) IMG_0341 (3) IMG_0339 (2) IMG_0352


The last area to be completed is the watergarden, which will be filled with water in the next few weeks. We’ll keep you updated on its status and show you the final product once it’s done!



Construction is Moving Along at Minto30Roe!

If you’ve strolled through the Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood on a bright sunny day this summer you would have seen the Minto30Roe tower reaching up into the sky. The outer shell is nearing completion and the team is starting to add in all the finishes inside.

Sept 4 2015

The construction team on site has been busy working away, under the hot sun, getting the tower finished. Concrete formwork is now completed up to the 28th floor. Only 6 more floors to go until we top-off! Windows have been installed up to the 20th floor and the balcony railings are being added to the suites.

IMG_013 (2)

On the podium, metal paneling is now being installed around the structure, and the team has started to add the roofing membrane to the building on the 3rd and 7th floor podiums. The 3rd floor roof is where the outdoor gardens at Minto30Roe will sit!

DSCF0205 (2)

Inside, the trades are working on creating the individual suites. Suite framing is complete up to the 9th floor, and drywall has been installed up to the 4th floor. We love seeing the suites come to life and turning this tower from a condo into a community!




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Construction is Hot at Minto30Roe!

This summer has been hot, just like construction at Minto30Roe! The tower is taking off, and is now rising above the Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood. You’ve probably seen it if you’ve been by the area – it looks exactly like our rendering! Life mimicking art, isn’t it beautiful!

Minto 30Roe Construction

The construction team is now pouring concrete for the 25th floor. The pours are coming along quickly thanks to the fly forms being used to help pour concrete on each floor. The windows have been installed up to the 16th floor, making the exterior of the building look almost finished up to these floors!

Minto 30Roe Construction

Inside the building, lots of work is going on to creating the interiors of your future home at Minto30Roe. The corridors of each floor have been framed up to the 10th floor. The suites are also coming along quickly and have been framed up to the 6th floor, making the suites come to life with their individual rooms. The drywalling team is following up framing, now drywalling up to the 3rd floor suites.
Minto 30Roe Construction

If you’re in the Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood, be sure to take a walk down Roehampton Ave to catch a glimpse of the progress at Minto30Roe!

Minto 30Roe Construction

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