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Fall Fun in East Gwillimbury!

Imagine an authentic, traditional farm with acres of fresh organic produce, a real barnyard with friendly farm animals, a host of kid-friendly activities, train rides, games and more.

Now imagine this magical wonderland just a short drive from your home at Queen’s Landing!


Welcome to Brooks Farm in Mount Albert, Ontario.Brooks Farm has been in operation for over a 100 years, so tradition and heritage are an integral part of the experience.


The farm has dozens of acres under cultivation and has a thriving farmer’s market during the Fall season.


The farmer’s market is known for its wholesome, farm-fresh produce that includes apples, asparagus, beans, blueberries, broccoli, strawberries, sweet corn, tomatoes, honey, jam, maple syrup, pickles, olive oil, and more. The Barnyard Playland is a wonderland of adventure for kids, with train rides, zip lines, farm animals, tire horse swings and more.

There’s also a Fall Fun Festival every weekend in October just in time for Halloween!


Fantastic News! Queen’s Landing Contruction is Moving Along!

Construction is ramping up at Queen’ s Landing! Our fearless team has been braving these hot and sunny days working hard to get your new community built! Take a look for yourself!

August 2016 2

The construction team has proudly now excavated and poured footings on 60 units!

August 2016

And even more exciting framing has started on the first home this week! Wow- that’s great!

August 2016 3

Stay tuned for more Queen’s Landing  construction updates!


Queen’s Landing Construction Update!

Thanks to this relatively mild winter the work onsite at Queen’s Landing has been proceeding quite well! If you’ve driven by the site lately, you’ve no doubt seen the excavation activity and the heavy earthmovers busy at work through the last few months!




Site servicing is advancing at a rapid pace. As you may remember from our post back in the fall, the site servicing team had cleared the site and started installing the sewers and watermains and prepared the site for road work. An now the sewer installation is expected to be complete within the next few weeks. Once the underground lines have been laid and the topsoil graded over, the team will start on the road construction process, which we expect will be finished by spring.





Once site servicing is complete, Minto’s construction team can come in and start building your homes! We can’t wait to see more of the Queen’s Landing community take shape in the coming months. Stay tuned for more construction updates!

Fall hiking trails in East Gwillimbury

East Gwillimbury, home to Queen’s Landing, is a beautiful town north of Newmarket that holds a lot of heritage and historical roots. The town is also home to lush trails and green spaces, perfect for you and your family to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. And as the trees continue to change in the fall season, some of these trails are a perfect place to enjoy the East Gwillimbury area this fall. Here are some of our favourite trails:


Rogers Reservoir Trail

 rogers resevoir fall

The Rogers Resevoir trail follows the route of the abandoned “Ghost Canal System” from the early 1900s. It is part of the Nokiidaa Trail System that links East Gwillimbury, Newmarket and Aurora. While hiking on this trail you will notice various historical sites, including the historic Metropolitan Radial Line. You will also come across a swing bridge that was once part of the canal system. The Rogers Reservoir Trail is perfect for walking, jogging or biking due to its flat surface. The wildlife is also very lush here; you may encounter geese, ducks, heron, and other bird species. You can also enjoy the beautiful Holland River on this trail.


Holland River Trail

 simcoe fall

This wide trail is part of the Rogers Reservoir Conservation area. It starts west of the 2nd Concession on the south side of the Holland River. Mixed shrubs and trees run on both sides of the river, making this trail very scenic and perfect for photos. If you’re lucky, you may happen to see a beaver near the river or a rare bobolink. With the diversity of mixed bush, meadow, wetlands and the river, this trail is an ever-changing habitat to enjoy during fall.


Simcoe Trail



Located between Mount Albert Road and Queensville Sideroad, the Simcoe Trail connects residents around the area. This trail is 31.1 miles located near East Gwillimbury and offers beautiful scenic views, great for hiking, biking or walking with friends and family. The Holland Landing Community Centre and Library is found along this trail. Bring your friends to enjoy a fun game of tennis or basketball here. Some sections of this trail may be rocky, wet, narrow, or covered by roots so be careful when exploring!


Anchor Park Trail



This 1km wooded loop trail is small but unique. Holland Landing Park is accessible at Anchor Park Trail and forms a part of the larger Simcoe Trail network. The Anchor Park Trail offers several amenities for residents, including a picnic shelter, a playground and washrooms. You can also enjoy a sports field or have fun art the adventure bike park. The east side of the trail has a mix of woodland and connects to the Holland Landing Conservation area, a great spot for bird watching.


If you live in East Gwillimbury or are excitedly waiting for your move to Queen’s Landing, get to know the area by taking a hike through one of these spectacular trails.

You can checkout a full map detailing more trails in the neighbourhood here. For more information about Queen’s Landing, register here today for Phase 2!


Kenya Bruce