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Minto30Roe is Living Green!

Minto30Roea 34 storey high-rise condominium near Yonge & Eglinton, is a LEED® Canada GOLD candidate, registered with the Canada Green Building Council. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a certifcation program that recognizes innovation in green building strategies and practices. We caught up with Carl Pawlowski, Project Coordinator for Sustainability, who gave us valuable information about Minto’s sustainability initiatives.


The Sustainability team is an in-house department that collaborates directly with the other Minto teams early on in each project to develop and implement the Green strategy. This strategy outlines the sustainable initiatives and specifications for the suites and building, and considers the resident’s needs, local environmental requirements, relevant third party building standards and opportunities for innovation. Minto is extremely dedicated to sustainable initiatives that benefit people now and in the future. We are proud to have won many industry awards like the EnerQuality Green Builder of the Year (2011, 2012, 2014), BILD Green Builder of the Year (2013) and ENERGY STAR® for New Homes Builder of  the Year (2014).

30Roe Fall 2015 Newsletter_Green Image


During the strategy and design stage for Minto30Roe, our team included features that were at the forefront of green building in Toronto. For example we were ahead of the curve with our plan to add electric vehicle charging infrastructure at Minto30Roe that allows residents to install EV chargers in their parking space. This is something that many residential builders haven’t yet implemented into their buildings. With construction well underway, we work closely with the Project Manager and Site Coordinators to ensure that environmental procedures are followed and these design features are installed as specified. Once the building is complete, our team will conduct various inspections and testing for factors such as air quality and air tightness. Throughout the entire design and build process, we are collecting and organizing documentation for the third-party programs which Minto30Roe is registered for, such as the Toronto Green Standard and LEED. These documents will be submitted and reviewed by third-party experts, ensuring that our new communities are built to high standards and meeting the targets we strive for.


I would have to say the Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) is my favourite.  A typical condo without an HRV generally has lower air quality due to less fresh air infiltration and the fact that the air flows through elevator shafts and hallways before entering the suite. At Minto30Roe, the special HRV unit brings fresh air into the suite and transfers energy from outgoing air to pre-heat or pre-cool incoming air depending on desired settings. Combined with a Fan Coil Unit, it distributes the air to each room within the suite. It also includes a particulate filter to remove contaminants in the air, leaving your home with superior indoor air quality and savings in energy costs.grass

Thanks Carl! You can learn more about the incredible green features on www.minto30roe.com under Living Green.

Minto30Roe occupancy is expected to begin in the spring of 2016. There are still 2 bedroom suites available for purchase with a 5% deposit. Contact the Minto Condo Store at 416-915-3800 for complete details.

Minto Southshore Achieves Gold Certification in LEED Canada for Homes!

Minto Southshore in Etobicoke Toronto

Minto Southshore LEED Gold

We love Minto Southshore, not only because of the remarkable floorplans and stunning finishes, but also because of the innovative features and quality construction that deliver performance well beyond Ontario Building Code (OBC), benefit the environment, improve indoor air quality , and save  our homeowners money.

When our team set out to create Minto Southshore, we developed the project targeting Silver level certification under the LEED Canada for Homes building system. Now that the project is complete, we’re excited to announce Minto Southshore has exceeded expectations and been awarded LEED Canada for Homes Gold certification!

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and is an internationally recognized third party verification program for sustainable building and energy performance. The LEED Canada for Homes certification is awarded by scoring a home or building’s performance in eight key areas of human and environmental health: innovation & design process, location & linkages, sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy & atmosphere, materials & resources, indoor environmental quality, and awareness & education. By demonstrating excellence in each of these categories, the home or building has been acknowledged as a healthier, better building that will provide value to homeowners.

Here are some of the ways that Minto Southshore’s features contribute to the LEED certification:

Location & Linkages

–          Previously an industrial site, the Minto Southshore land was reclaimed for the community

–          Minto Southshore residents have access to a number of parks, stores, and services within a 5 to 10 minute walk supporting a healthier lifestyle

–          The TTC streetcar and GO Train are easily accessible reducing car dependency

Minto Southshore in Etobicoke Toronto


Sustainable Sites

–          The  stacked townhomes at Minto Southshorecreate a higher density of living spaces, using land and resources more efficiently

–          Bicycle storage for residents is located in the parking garage to support healthier transportation

–          Stormwater is managed on site through permeable pavers and an underground water tank that captures rainwater from rooftops and reuses it for irrigation in the community

–          Minto Southshore’s pathways, sidewalks, and roofing are made with materials that have a high solar reflective index (SRI). This helps to reflect the heat of the sun and minimize the contribution of the community to the “urban heat island effect”

MInto Southshore in Etobicoke Toronto


Water Use Efficiency

–          45% of the plants selected for Minto Southshore’s green areas are drought tolerant, requiring less watering to survive in hot dry periods.

–           The irrigation system is high-efficiency and is partially fed from the rainwater collected in the underground storage tank.

–          Homes are equipped with water efficient indoor plumbing fixtures, including the 3 litre per flush toilets that help reduce water use and utility costs.

Minto Southshore in Etobicoke Toronto


Energy Efficiency

–          The design and construction of Minto Southshore’s high performance homes surpass OBC energy efficiency requirements. The energy efficiency of the homes come from:

o   The building envelope for each home includes 1” of rigid insulation that blankets the exterior walls. This improves energy efficiency and comfort within the home

o   A high level of air tightness and quality control for the building’s weather barrier

o   High efficiency mechanical equipment for space and domestic water heating

o   100% high efficiency lighting including compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)

o    ENERGY STAR qualified appliances


Materials Selection

–          During construction, 86% of construction waste was diverted from the landfill and re purposed or recycled

–          The framing designs of the homes optimized the use of lumber to frame the floors, ceilings and roof trusses

–          Homes at Minto Southshore are built with locally sourced, recycled materials. This includes the bricks, drywall and cement.

 Minto Southshore in Etobicoke Toronto


Indoor Environmental Quality

–          The heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system provides a continuous  supply of fresh air into the homes in an energy efficient manner

–          During construction, pro-active measures were taken to minimize dust contamination within the air ducts.

–          The hard wood flooring and low VOC carpets and paints contribute to a healthier indoor environment for our residents.


The green features at Minto Southshore go well beyond Ontario Building Code to deliver an innovative home that does as much as possible to enable residents to live comfortably with a smaller environmental footprint. This means living in healthy home, built with high-quality materials that will have long-lasting savings and benefits!

 To learn more about Minto Southshore’s green features, click here. And to learn more about Minto’s commitment to LEED, click here

Get Green: Green Living Tips for Your Home

With Earth Week this week, why not change some of your household habits for a greener lifestyle! Green living doesn’t mean you have to change your entire routine completely; by changing a few small things in your day to day activities, you can make a significant impact on the environment. We read up on some tips in Joanna Yarrow’s book, How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, to get some guidelines on green living. Here are a few easy tips that anyone can follow to reduce your carbon footprint at home and also save money!


Heating and Cooling

If you notice yourself turning up your heater higher than normal during windy winter days, you might be sitting in a draught. Twenty percent of heat loss in an average home seeps out through unsealed gaps. You can check for unsealed gaps by holding a lit candle around your windows or doorframes. If the candle flickers, it’s an indication that there is a draught that should be sealed.  Fixing draughts can also stop hot air from coming in during the summer when your air conditioning is on.



Water Usage

Wasting water can be costly. Try washing your clothes one wash per week, and wash them at lower temperatures. This way you will use less energy and your clothes can last longer too! If you live in a house, capture rainwater that falls on your roof by connecting a water butt to a downpipe. This water can be used to water your lawn or garden.




Make the switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) or LED lights. Each CFL uses only about a quarter the electricity of an incandescent bulb and they last ten times longer. You can also maximize your use of natural light. Paint your walls in light colours to brighten a room and keep curtains and blinds open during the day to bring in ample sunlight.




Shut off appliances when they’re not in use. Certain appliances like the television or computer use as much energy when left on standby as when they’re left on. And if you are using more than one device, plug them into a power strip; this way you can turn them all off with one switch.



Minto homes and condos are designed to ensure lower costs, improved comfort and healthier living. Our homes are equipped with modern, energy-efficient appliances that conserve energy and water, which saves you money. Minto is committed to ensuring all new residential developments meet the standards of safe and green living.

And  now you can save on Green Features! Click here for coupons for Green Living products to use in your home.

Interested in learning more about Minto’s commitment to Green? Check out our Sustainability page, or learn more about each project’s Green Features on our Green Living pages on each project’s website.


© Kenya Bruce

10 green innovations at 30Roe

Every project we do is about creating a building you will love living in. But while we focus on the quality of life of our residents, we can’t ignore the environmental impact of our projects.

We believe in creating better places for our residents. Healthier lifestyles should be simple to enjoy and at Minto30Roe you can rely on thoughtful, intelligent design to make living well the first and only choice. Our sustainable design approach is anchored in our commitment to deliver lifestyle, innovation, value, design and sustainability. From the construction process to everyday living, the below video shows you ten ways the new 30 Roehampton is making condo living greener. Enjoy!