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Minto’s 2013 BILD Award nominations

The finalists have been announced for the 2013 BILD Awards and Minto high-rise and low-rise projects keep popping up throughout the list! Here’s a rundown of the awards we’re up for at the BILD Awards gala on April 26.


Minto30Roe by Rob McPhail Design & Minto SouthShore by CJ Designs



“Bamboo” at 88 by esQape Design & 3Di Solutions

A14-Minto-88-Bamboo Kitchen


“PH1702” at minto775 King West



“The Horizon” at Minto SouthShore

NORM LI AG+I 130107_Exterior_Aerial Terrace_Cutaway_LR


We’re also up for:

Minto30Roe by L.A. Inc. & Cober Printing

(We’re really excited about this one, of course)

And a couple of big ones:


Minto SouthShore by NAK Design Group & Guthrie Muscovitch Architects


When the BILD Awards finalists get announced it’s a sure sign that spring is around the corner. For more information on the event and to view the full list of finalists, visit the BILD blog here and don’t forget to wish us luck!

New condo? There’s an app for that

Minto775 on King West will see its first residents moving in in May 2013 and we’re really looking forward to it. To make sure our purchasers have all the information and contact details they need, we’ve always provided them with a manual containing everything they need to know about the building and their new home. With paper manuals going the way of the phone book and the encyclopaedia, we came up with something new for minto775.

Minto775 purchasers will soon be able to access all the information they need about the building from any desktop, tablet or mobile device thanks to an interactive HMTL5 tool produced by Ariad. The tool offers everything you would have found in a manual but in an easy to search format that’s beautiful to interact with. It was built with responsive design, meaning that you can interact with the content in the most user-friendly way regardless of the device you’re on.

The manual covers all things you need to know as soon as you move in, and details that might come up later on, like who to call for a maintenance request. Down the road we’re looking forward to adding increased functionality with an app so you can do even more from your phone. Additional features may include the ability to get notification from and send notifications to the concierge, reserve amenities and visitor parking and manage a car sharing program. There is also the option of building a network of residents and communicating with the building management team. Here’s a sneak peek.

Windows, landscaping & finishes at minto775

It’s been some time since our last update, but rest assured – your minto775 construction team and trade partners have been busy. Over the past eight weeks or so we’ve seen major changes on site. The exterior work is wrapping up and the glazing on the ground floor retail units along King Street is almost complete. At the courtyard, we’ve installed the precast concrete and paved the way for window installation at the ground floor amenity areas.

Over the past few weeks our landscape trades have been on site working on the footings and walls that will eventually become the south outdoor amenity deck and barbecue areas.

We’re now gearing up our trades and dedicating more time to the suite interiors. Your new home is really beginning to take shape. At the upper levels, the framing and drywall continue to be the main activity following the mechanical and electrical rough-ins. At the lower levels, it’s great to see fresh paint, flooring (both the tile and wood flooring are underway), kitchen and bathroom cabinets and wood trim in the suites. We’re in the home stretch now as we make final preparations for our first residents.

On the balconies we decided to take a proactive approach for the glass enclosure and switch from the standard tempered glass to a more durable heat soaked product, comparable to a car’s windshield in terms of durability. We also revised the design to incorporate a top mounted rail in place of the by-pass design. Both of these revisions introduced additional costs to Minto as well as a slight delay in the delivery of materials. However, these changes will ensure a safer and more durable end result, something we felt was crucial to Minto quality.

scroll down for some first-hand shots of what we’ve been up to.

The King West façade.
Landscaping has begun towards the back of the building.
Precast panels & windows being installed in the courtyard.
The back of the building.
Some suites have flooring installed.
The kitchens are in place.
Tiles are going into the washrooms.

Meet Toronto photographer Tara Noelle

This Thursday, Toronto-based photographer Tara Noelle Will be using our minto775 sales centre to host a client appreciation evening. Her work has been featured in the Globe & Mail, flare.com and fashionmagazine.com. She is also a frequent contributor to Toronto’s social based blogs cdaily.ca & notable.caWe spoke to her recently about her work and the idea behind the event.

Tell us about your photography and how you got into it.

I’ve been shooting on my own for just over a year. I went to OCAD and have a background in the fine arts. Initially I was focused on painting. I took some time off from the arts to do corporate work and then came back to photography once digital was really big. I was doing event management and HR, which is where I got my education in business. Because I’m not with a studio, it was really important for me to have an understanding of the business world. When it’s just me, it’s essentially like running my own business as well as being a photographer so I needed those skills.

What is the idea behind Thursday’s event.

I’m celebrating the one year anniversary of working on my photography full time. I was always doing it part-time while working in the corporate world, but it’s not the same. I quit my job in October of last year and went to Italy for a month. When I came back, I was officially on my own working as a full-time photographer.

As an artist you always wonder if you’ll ever feel like you’ve made it. I feel so grateful to everyone who supported me and to my clients. I’m at the point where I have repeat clients. I really think it’s important to say thank you. That’s one of the things that stood out to me when I was working in HR and events. So this is just a way for me to say thank you to everyone who helped me get here.

We have to ask. How did you choose the minto775 sales centre for your event?

I chose the space because I wanted something clean and simple in the King West area where I live and work. I also wanted it to be at ground level so it would be easy for people to casually drop in. My friend Raynor Powell is a sales representative at Minto WaterGarden and he suggested the minto775 sales centre. The space has great character and and it’s sleek and modern so I thought it would compliment my work. It turned out to be the perfect fit. And it’s easy to get to from all over the city.

When people ask me about my neighbourhood I always tell them that it’s ten minutes from everything: ten minutes from downtown, ten minutes from Bloor and ten minutes from Liberty Village. I can also be at the lake in ten minutes and I’m ten minutes from the shops and galleries on Queen West. I spend a lot of time on Queen St. and shoot in a lot of the little cafés.

What can people expect when they book a session with you?

I meet with the clients to see what inspires them and what they want to get out of the shoot. We discuss the location to find something that will work well in the photos and reflect what’s important to them. Then I’ll put together an inspiration board with clothing options. A lot of photographers either hire a dedicated stylist or they just don’t do it. But I really think it’s worth it.

What attracts you to shooting people? 

I really like the  personal connection you get with shooting people. While there is all kinds of technical stuff going on, it’s really just me and the subject. The process can sometimes leave people emotionally bare. All of their insecurities and concerns come out and then we work through that and get them comfortable enough to do the shoot.

Sometimes I don’t get to meet them beforehand so we have ten minutes at the beginning of the shot to get to know each other. You just have to work with whatever comes out. That can be especially true with kids. I love having that emotional connection, the styling and the way people’s personalities come through. That’s why I shoot people and not landscapes.

What are your favorite sources of inspiration?

I subscribe to tons of blogs that I look at every day. I’m also a huge Pinterest fan. I discover new people and new art all the time. What inspires me is always changing, but here’s what I’m into now.

Garance Doré
The City Sage
Papier Mache
The New York Times Magazine

The tunes on Burberry’s online store





What would be your dream photo shoot?

Anything involving Annie Leibovitz. I would love to be on set with her in any capacity. It wouldn’t even matter who or what the subject was.

How do you feel about Instagram?

I love it and I’m on it every day. But it can be frustrating when I’m shooting a wedding and somebody’s already got fifty pictured up from their iPhone. We have a lot of technology to make things look pretty. And some of these images can go viral very quickly even though the person isn’t even a photographer. But it’s completely different when something is properly shot. I don’t feel threatened by it because I believe people respect the details that make a really great photo and respect people who do it as a profession.

Thanks to Tara Noelle for taking the time for this interview. While it’s not a formal gallery showing, you’re welcome to drop in this Thursday, November 22 at the minto775 King West sales centre to meet Tara and see some of her beautiful work. You can check out her portfolio at taranoelle.ca.




George Brown preps the next generation of construction geeks

Luis Deigo & minto775 Site Super Daniela Fiore

Minto recently partnered with George Brown College offering a construction management student an internship at our minto775 site on King West. The construction management program, unique to George Brown, is still very new with only four graduating classes under its belt. Their program advisory committee is made up of industry professionals who review the program every semester to make sure students are offered the best, most up-to-date case studies for learning industry best practices.

Faculty members are practicing professionals themselves so students know that what works in the classroom will work on the construction site. The students’ supervisors at field placements also end up shaping the program curriculum through their insights into the students’ skills on the work site.

Alexis Trejgo runs the co-op program at the George Brown Centre for Construction and Engineering Technologies. “The nature of construction and building technology is changing in Ontario and across North America,” she told us. “Broad societal trends are impacting the nature of our industry in areas like heritage preservation and building restoration, environmental design and energy conservation. In this rapidly changing industry, more and more highly trained construction managers are needed.”

George Brown provides students with the skills to organize, lead and manage construction projects from start to finish. They learn about design, regulations, contracts, specifications, budgets and schedules. They also leave the program with an understanding of environmental construction techniques and how they apply to residential, ICI ( industrial, commercial, institutional), infrastructure and urban planning. They can go on to have successful careers as estimators, project managers, field engineers, site supervisors and more. The program also provides students with 30 credits towards the Gold Seal.

Luis Diego was our 2012 summer intern at minto775 working with Daniela Fiore as his supervisor. He’s currently studying at George Brown College in Toronto and is on his way to earning a Bachelor of Applied Technology with a Construction Science and Management focus. It is currently the only program of its kind in Ontario. Luis received hands-on training at the minto775 site and we got a great addition to the team. In fact, Luis will continue working with us part-time while he finishes school.

Internship programs like the one Alexis runs at George Brown are essential if the next generation of construction managers are to succeed in today’s complex landscape. Luis is the first of their students to have been placed with Minto, and Alexis was really impressed with the experience he received.

“It speaks volumes about the partnership we are building with Minto,” she said. “Minto775 was a great match for the program. George Brown is an urban school and the students arrive with an interest in urban issues.” It all comes together in the King West area making minto775 a great example of the type of projects these students might end up managing after they graduate.

We heart TIFF at minto775

The Toronto International Film Festival is upon us and TIFF is in the air all over Toronto, but especially on King West. While we’re finishing up construction at minto775, all the action is happening just down the street.

Many of the films on the roster are playing in the King West area. There are some amazing pre-movie dining options that you might want to revisit after the festival ends and having a drink at a hotel bar might even result in a celebrity sighting. While we’re not making any promises that Ryan Gosling will be sitting at the next table, this is definitely a great time of year to explore King West.

Check out the TIFF interactive map for a full list of screening venues and recommended places to hang out during the festival.

Who’s buying at minto775: Matt Corrente

From time to time we like to profile one of the many successful, creative and just plain interesting people who chose to call a Minto community home. This time it’s New Jersey Devils defenceman Matt Corrente who purchased a suite at minto775 King West. “A friend of mine told me about minto775,” the 24-year-old star athlete says. “I was really impressed with the company’s reputation and everything about the building, especially the location.”

During the hockey season, Corrente is on the road with a demanding schedule of games and training. But summers bring him back to Toronto where he’s looking forward to calling King West home.

Around this time last year, Corrente suffered a shoulder injury that kept him off the ice for a while. But the talented player knows the importance of positive attitude. “Part of being a professional athlete is the mental strength you need,” he says. “You have to take things day by day and know that everything’s going to work out. I’ve been playing hockey all my life and being an NHL player has always been my dream. Injuries are unfortunate but you have to take time to get your strength back and maintain a positive outlook.”

As a hockey player who has achieved major league success, Matt understands the meaning of excellence and holds high standards for himself and others. “The way I’ve been treated as a new purchaser, and everything about the company really, has given me the impression that this is a class A organization,” he says. “I’m really proud to be part of it.”

Thanks for the kind words, Matt! We’re excited to welcome Matt Corrente to minto775 and we’ll be cheering him on as his NHL career continues!