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Where to dine in Long Branch


Minutes away from Minto Longbranch and Minto Southshore is a cluster of fabulous restaurants and speciality bakeries perfect for your inner foodie!

Let’s take a walk through the neighbourhood:

850 Degrees

We have a feeling that our Minto Longbranch residents will love this one. It’s only a 5 minute walk away from home! Chef and Owner Chris Beard uses locally sourced ingredients whenever possible and trys to make everything as Canadian as they can. They serve only Canadian beer and have cool items like the Oh Canada and the Lord Stanley.

Must try: The Dave Bolland, named after the Toronto Maple Leaf’s player from Mimico!

Pulcinella Ristorante Italiano


You can’t go wrong with Italian – one of our favourite cuisines! Pulcinella’s is perfect for a night out, your date will definitely be impressed. There’s a certain ambiance to the restaurant that you can’t find at many other places. We also heard that they import many of the more artisanal ingredients.

Must try: The Vesuvio is a fan-favourite, and you know how we love our desserts so end the night with some Créme Brulee!


In the mood for some traditional Greek food? Head on down to Kalamata, a local Long Branch gem that boasts that they have the  best Greek food in the city! The food is good, what else would you expect from recipes that have been in the family for over 50 years? They offer lunch, dinner and our favourite: brunch!

Must try: Hercules Breakfast and everything from their Pancakes and Waffles menu!

Melt Grilled Cheese

Sometimes you just need a good grilled cheese sandwich to hit the spot! The neighbourhood is going bananas over this new addition to the Long Branch community. Customers choose their sandwich, bread and some free toppings. That’s it. So simple, but SO good.

Must try: ALL OF THEM. But in all seriousness, we loved the Toronto Tuna and the Tattooed Chicken.

More Than Pies


True to their name, this local bakery sells more than pies. They sell cupcakes, cookies, biscotti, hot drinks … the whole nine yards. They get their coffee sourced from nearby Birds and Beans Coffee, and some of the groceries are also sourced from local farms and businesses. In terms of baked goods, they try to make about 15 different kinds of pies ranging from meat-filled to tasty lemon meringue!

Must try: The lemon meringue pie – our favourite!

Longbranch residents, which restaurant are you looking forward to trying?



Long Branch’s GO Station is getting a makeover

The beautiful lakefront community of Long Branch is laden with history. The little village separating Toronto from Mississauga used to be a summer destination for the city folk. Over the years, the village has seen several re-developments but it continues to have a vintage-feel to it and allows Torontonians to escape from the bustling city.

Community transformation has been in the works for some time, especially with the recent population surge and new homes being built, like Minto Southshore. Now, it’s been revealed that one of the steps in re-developing Long Branch is giving the GO Station a much-desired makeover.

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The History of Long Branch

Exterior_Crimson Terrace

Construction is now underway at Minto Southshore, our townhome development located in the heart of the Village of Long Branch, a waterfront community bordered by Lake Ontario to the south and a rail line to the north. Long Branch was once a summer destination and a quiet village centered on Lakeshore Boulevard, and a lot has changed in the area over the years.

Before Long Branch became a village, it was home to one of the earliest settlers in Etobicoke, Loyalist Colonel Sam Smith who settled in the area in 1797. It was eventually turned into a resort and named after the summer resort in New Jersey: Long Branch. The area quickly became a cottage country community, and in the late 19th century, thousands of visitors came by steamship or railway to spend their summers at the resort and surrounding cottages.

Over the years, Long Branch has seen it’s fair share of redevelopment, and the arrival of the streetcar greatly transformed the community. By 1923, streetcar service was extended to Long Branch, while the Lakeshore carline and Long Branch loop were both opened on December 8, 1928. With the much improved access to the community, many of the summer cottages became permanent, year-round homes.


In 1930, Long Branch was incorporated as a Village after the other Lake Shore municipalities Mimico and New Toronto were incorporated as Towns.  And in 1967, the Borough of Etobicoke was founded, amalgamating Mimico, Long Branch, New Toronto and the Township of Etobicoke.


Over the years, Long Branch has become more and more developed, though the neighbourhood still has a cottage-esque feel to it, which makes it a perfect location for Minto Southshore.

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The ample outdoor space at Southshore pays homage to Long Branch’s history and the nearby lake adds to the tranquil atmosphere. It’s the perfect way to be near the city and still enjoy a cottage-like lifestyle, with lush scenery and the lake minutes away!