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Pizza and Wine. Need We Say More?

We’ve told you about how much we love Mimico many times before, but Minto Longbranch is also doing its part to bring even more exciting retailers to the neighbourhood. We’re doing this by creating a whole new community within Mimico who will be regulars at the local shops and restaurants, but also by bringing new retailers into the area and bringing some old favourites closer to home. Here are a couple of the retailers our Minto Longbranch residents will have first access to.

Wine Rack


Wine Rack is the closest thing you’ll get to the vineyard experience without leaving your neighbourhood. Their huge selection and extensive knowledge of all of their products will make your wine-shopping experience pleasant and informative. Planning a dinner party at your place? Just head over, let them know what you’re cooking up and you’ll have the perfect wine pairing in no time. If you want to stop into a Wine Rack before they open up at Longbranch, you can find one of their 160 Ontario locations on their website.

Little Caesars


Home to the Hot n’ Ready (for just $5 we might add), Little Caesars is comfort food and convenience all rolled into one. If you live at Minto Longbranch, you’ll be able to forget delivery charges and just head downstairs to pick up a meal for movie night or those days you just don’t feel like cooking.

These won’t be the only retail spaces located at Minto Longbranch! We’ll be telling you about our other occupants next week, stay tuned!