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Meet Roya – Minto’s Sustainable Design Professional

With Earth Week upon us, it’s inspiring to hear about the people that are making a difference in moving towards sustainable living. Minto has an entire Sustainability Team dedicated to incorporating ‘Green Living’ strategies into all of the work we do. We sat down with a lovely member of the Sustainability Team, Roya Khaleeli, to find out more about her work as a Sustainable Design Professional.Roya Minto Sustainability

Roya has been at Minto for just over three years now. She didn’t always work in sustainability though – she started out as a mechanical engineer, working in the automotive industry. But reading the book “Natural Capitalism” (by Paul Hawken) motivated Roya to change her career path. “I was inspired by the idea that there could be a different way of doing business which enables doing good by doing well,” she tells us. After getting her Masters in Sweden in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, Roya worked as a Sustainability Consultant in London, UK, for over four years. When she came back to Toronto, Roya started her role with Minto’s Sustainability Team. It was a 10 year journey, but she says she’s lucky in terms of timing because there are many more jobs in sustainability now than there was when she started looking into it in 2002.

Roya’s role is focused primarily in the GTA where she works on embedding sustainable design practices into Minto’s communities.  She collaborates with the design teams early on in each project to develop the strategy, which considers the particular market, the local green requirements, relevant third party building standards and opportunities for innovation. “It is critical that we approach our work in a way that is congruent with profitable business,” she says. Having involvement early on in the development process ensures that the green strategies are delivered while still remaining competitive in the marketplace.

Minto Sustainability

Once the strategy is approved, part of her work is to train site staff to ensure the value is communicated to home buyers. “While some features deliver utility cost savings, others provide greater comfort, improved health or community connections,” she explains. “We also believe there are some features that can only be included through the quality of the construction process. Having a well-made air tight envelope is almost impossible to add after the home has been built as compared to granite countertops which can be added at any point.”

So far, Roya’s favorite project has been Minto Southshore. “It was a complex product to build and we set progressive targets for air tightness and we learned a lot in the process.” The team faced the challenge head on and Minto Southshore is what Roya describes as, “a beautiful space that allows home owners to live with a lesser impact on the environment, without even being aware of it. This is one of the main reasons I get so excited about my job.” Minto Southshore built upon the learning gained from Minto Caledonia Towns on the Park project, and Minto Longbranch will now be following in the footsteps of Minto Southshore.

Minto Southshore

As sustainable living is becoming more important in land development, we asked Roya what Green Living trends she sees will become prevalent in home building in the future.  With the growing popularity of electric vehicles, she sees having electric vehicle charging stations on site as becoming more common. Minto already provides the basic infrastructure to support the future installation of electric vehicle charging stations at 775 King, and within the other five high rise projects that have launched since. Beyond improving energy performance, the target of Net Zero Energy buildings and greater water efficiency, another issue she sees becoming significant is a focus on design for better communities. With the introduction of standards such as LEED for Neighbourhood Development and BREEAM Communities (in the UK) she sees attention being directed towards designing communities to be more walkable, encouraging healthy lifestyles, and with greater access to services. On a more personal note, Roya would like to see “more community garden and food growing spaces included within projects; however, this requires demand from the market” which she hopes to see in the near future.

MInto 775 King Exterior Bike Parking

In her spare time, Roya has a number of hobbies that keep her busy. She is an avid tennis player, and just began taking tango lessons. Family is important to her, and she likes nothing better than enjoying really good food with great company. She also supports Habitat for Humanity where she volunteers once a month to build homes in the Toronto area, continuing her commitment to sustainable living.

Interested in learning more about Minto’s commitment to Green? Check out our Sustainability page, or learn more about each project’s Green Features on our Green Living pages on each project’s website.

Southshore spring construction update

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 4.00.40 PM

We’re finally seeing signs of spring at Minto Southshore. We made steady progress during the winter, but now that the weather is warmer, we’re looking forward to putting a little spring in our step and seeing even more progress at the site. Here’s an update on what we’ve been up to lately.

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Minto Southshore August update

We started construction at Minto Southshore a few months ago and we’re already seeing a lot of progress. Purchasers have already started finalizing their upgrade selections.


At the construction site, we are currently framing on the 3rd floor walls and the underground garage plumbing has started on block 1 and 2.


We have completed the concrete work for the basement walls on block 3 and have started working on the basement on block 4 and 5.

In addition, on block 6, we are currently forming the roof slab of the underground garage and also working on the concrete foundation work for the underground on block 7.


As usual, stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks!

Minto’s meet your new neighbour party at Southshore!

It’s been a hot week in Toronto this week but it’s never too hot to party with Minto!

minto southshore

We recently hosted BBQs at Minto Kingmeadow in and Caledonia Towns on the Park and this week we held a party at Minto Southshore  to welcome the new residents!

minto southshore music
Cameron Britton and his jazz band played amazing music all night

IMG_2415Our friends over at Encore catered the outdoor party!

minto southshore 3
Four lucky guests won $250 gift cards to Sherway Gardens!

All in all, it was a pleasant evening filled with  good food, great music and even better company! Residents enjoyed the opportunity to get to know their neighbours at Minto Southshore, our townhome developments in the heart of Etobicoke.

With the waterfront, beautiful scenery and great amenities only steps away, Minto Southshore is the perfect place to call home. And if you’re missing downtown Toronto – it’s only a few moments away and easily accessible by public transit and the local highway.

Get a great deal on a featured suite at Southshore

NORM LI AG+I 130404_Exterior_Crimson Terrace

Home ownership at Southshore is easier than you think. Now you can own the popular Crimson unit for $1235 per month. That’s probably less than you’re currently paying in rent. The Crimson at Southshore was designed for amazing value in a two bedroom and 2.5 bathroom townhome.

We’ve raised the main living areas up to maximize natural light in the kitchen and family room where people spend the most time. The Crimson also has a patio that’s just the right size and ready to personalize.

The location offers some pretty serious bang for your buck as well. Mimico was featured in Toronto Life’s 2012 list of the best neighbourhoods to get into. Toronto Life calls the area a small town in the middle of a big city. It has a sense of community and the kinds of amenities you don’t often find in conventional suburbs, like independent coffee shops, film festivals and art shows. Another huge perk? Mimico is right on the lake while most of Toronto is cut off by the Gardner.

Check out the Crimson floor plans below and learn more about Minto Southshore and  the neighbourhood here.

Crimson floor plan