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We welcome our registrants to the WaterGarden sales centre in Thornhill

We had a busy day in Thornhill yesterday as we held a special event for all of the Minto WaterGardenregistrants at our brand new presentation centre.Check out the below pictures for a glimpse of what the soon-to-be-open-to-the-public presentation centre looks like!

Some guests check out the floor plans on our touchscreens
Minto WaterGarden is a six storey project with 1 & 2 bedroom suites starting from the mid $200,000's.
The Minto WaterGarden sales centre will be officially open at 12 noon on September 18th!
The interior of the sales centre was designed by Carmen Dragomir
Our scale model looks great, but did you see it before it was finished? The Peter McCann designed 3D model was getting a lot of attention
Many thanks to all of our guests who made it out yesterday. We hope you enjoyed your time with us!
Minto WaterGarden will be opening to the public at 12 noon on September 18th. Be sure to check back for all the latest details

Our Minto WaterGarden model is complete!

If you saw our last post on the Minto WaterGarden scale model, then you know more or less what to expect. The model is now complete and in place at our Thornhill sales centre.

We’ll have the details on opening dates for you shortly. In the mean time, here’s a sneak peek at the finished model.

A view from above
Walkway detail
The interior lighting really makes a difference
Courtyard detail

Thanks to Peter McCann for sharing his process with us and letting us into his space to document it. Stay tuned for news of the sales centre opening and, of course, updates on all of Minto’s other Toronto projects.

Revisiting the WaterGarden 3D model

Last week we brought you a behind-the-scenes look at the construction of our WaterGarden 3D model. A week has gone by and it should be in place at the sales centre very soon. Here are some shots of what the model looked like when we dropped by Peter McCann’s studio yesterday afternoon.

Landscaping has begun on the base of our model

Those tubes have tiny strands of lighting wrapped around them. The finished model will be lit from within for that authentic lived-in look.

The last few pieces are being painted
What the model looks like so far

The model is about 95% complete from a structural standpoint and 85% complete aesthetically.

An aerial view

As you can see, there are still some finishing touches missing, but it’s pretty impressive stuff overall. After six or seven weeks of hard work, we can’t wait to see it all come together.

Thanks again to Peter and his team for letting us look over their shoulders!

Q&A with WaterGarden interior designer Carmen Dragomir

As you know, information on Minto Watergarden in Thornhill is starting to come out in torrents. We spoke to Carmen Dragomir of esQape Design Inc. about how the interior design for this project came about.

On your blog page you cover some great topics like working with colour, layouts for small spaces and furniture and lighting trends from Milan. Did any of these figure prominently in your work for WaterGarden?

CD: Everything I see at trade shows gets incorporated into my projects. I love to catch up with the European design trends before they become trends in Canada and the US.
When condo dwellers are looking for international design ideas, they can just come to the blog and get the scoop on what they will see in furniture & design stores in the upcoming months.You seem to have the methodology of colour selection down to a science. Do you follow this method yourself, or is the process more organic for you since you have so much experience?
CD: I actually use this methodology all the time but I like to play with color and try new ways of adding zest to neutral spaces. It is the foundation of a thinking process I go through with every project.For designers it is much easier to step outside boundaries and experiment with color, textures and light, however, when I design a space I always think,
“how can I inspire anyone to create a better living space without hiring an interior designer?”
This is where we get the idea of explaining how we do it and not just showing the designed space. Color selection is a very interesting process and many times I notice amazing interior spaces that could be greatly enhanced with color.
Other times I recognize that colour selection could be detrimental to a well-shaped interior area and could actually make a space overwhelming.
What was your first design project (not including your childhood bedroom)? What stands out as a project that was formative to your career?
CD: My first design project was actually a Motel in Europe where I was involved in the full architectural scope of work- architectural design, interior design and landscape design. It was absolutely one of my best design experiences as I had to envision the complete project and it became the foundation of my thinking process as an interior designer.Having an architectural background helped me understand how the interior and exterior are interconnected and how important it is to create a cohesive interior and exterior space.I think every project I worked on was formative to my career because we, as design professionals, continually discover new ways of approaching the design of a space.Is there something new you did when designing Water Garden that you had never tried in a similar project before? A new technique or a new trend, perhaps? What unique demands did this project have?

CD: WaterGarden was one of the best opportunities to translate the project name into design features. I did incorporate a few elements that I had not used before. One way of creating interior features to connect with the garden element was through organic shaped floral patterns.While we can find many interior finishes that would already have the theme incorporated (like wallcoverings or area rugs), I chose to create custom wood and acrylic wall features shaped like branches, flowers and leaves. [I was inspired by] details used for entrance gates to some magnificent European gardens I explored during my travels.Also, for the first time I tried to insert this idea into every space, from the marketing centre, model suites, lobby, party room and exercise room. Each space is infused with the feeling of being in different private gardens, all of them interconnected.

Name a design trend or two that you think are just about to explode.
CD: It may have already started! I believe more and more people are designing their spaces for how it makes them feel and not just for how it looks. Trends come and go, yet the quality of a living space is from timeless elements of design which are directly translated into a state of mind.Could you summarize the design concept for Water Garden in just a few words? What is the main impression you would would want potential purchasers to walk away with after visiting the presentation centre?

CD: WaterGarden has a unique location where nature is intrinsically part of the development. My design intent is to bring nature inside the amenities spaces and create the feel of European interior gardens.



Tell us a bit about esQape design.

CD: esQape design was born with a strong desire of stepping out of design boundaries and exploring new ways of expressing our personal passions and collective interests through design. As we just turned 10 I was contemplating new ways to make design an even larger part of people’s lives. This will make our journey even more exciting!What would your dream project be?
CD: Designing my own living space from the inside out would definitely by a dream project, hopefully soon.
Are there any eternal design rules that are here to stay while trends come and go?CD: My eternal design rules for one’s personal living space is: dream it, envision it, create it and feel at ease when you come home. Trends are temporary, the quality of our living spaces and the fulfillment of our dreams is more important.

Special thanks to Carmen for her time & insight!

Exclusive! WaterGarden exterior renderings

You may have heard some buzz about the launch of Minto WaterGarden at Yonge St. and Arnold Ave. in Thornhill, Ontario. And renderings, of course, are an important part of any launch. That’s why an exclusive first look at the exterior renderings is where else but here on the official Minto Condos blog.So without further ado…

Minto WaterGarden's appearance from the street is sleek, but its courtyard reveals much more

We were really excited to work with Sol Wassermuhl of Page + Steele Architects on this project.

The courtyard water feature

What really makes Minto WaterGarden special is the courtyard that forms a focal point for the community. It is essentially one big water feature that blends seamlessly into the outdoor living spaces.

Outdoor living at Minto WaterGarden

The landscape architecture is the work of Paul Ferris and his Toronto firm, Ferris & Associates Inc. Since his work is such an important part of what defines Minto WaterGarden, we’ll be catching up with him in a future blog post, so keep an eye out for our interview.

An aerial view of the Minto WaterGarden community

But the next thing to look forward to is the release of our interior renderings. We’ll be putting them out shortly and our Twitter followers will be the first to know (hint)!  But until then, feel free to share these with anyone you think might be interested.

Construction update: minto775 finishes excavating the foundation

Welcome to the second minto775 construction update!
Work is well underway on our new condominium project at King and Tecumseth. This week we can officially announce that the foundation is 100% excavated.
Here’s an overview of what the King Street West site looks like now.
An overview of various stages of construction at the Western end of the site

Slab on grade is the first concrete layer to go down, and it’s about halfway to completion. It should be done within the next month.

Setting the lightning grounding wires in preparation for slab on grade

The site is fully prepared for the installation of suspended levels.

Placement of reinforcing steel, electrical conduit and mechanical sleeving for the suspended slab

At the Northwest corner, the P2 level concrete slab is almost ready to go.

Pouring the P2 level concrete slab at Northwest

Construction update: minto775

Thanks for dropping by! Among other things, we’ll be using this blog to keep you updated on the progress of our projects where construction is, well, in progress.

We’re excited to make minto775 at King & Tecumseth the subject of our first construction update. There’s tons going on on the site right now.

View of Southwest corner pre-suspended slab forms

The formworker is forming the suspended slab at the Southwest, the lowest corner of the site, while excavation of final footings continues at the Northeast.

In the areas in between, placing steel and pouring concrete for footings & foundations, walls and columns is ongoing. We’re installing the all-important underground drainage and plumbing as well as placing the clear stone subgrade and concrete for slab on grade.
Foundation waterproofing, reinforcing steel placed and ready for formwork and concrete at perimeter foundation wall
Stone delivery via slinger & bucket
Boxouts for rakers for slab on grade
Delivery of steel for suspended slab
Prepping stone for slab on grade
Hoisting excavator
Hoisting generator


Thanks for checking out our first construction update! We’ll have plenty more to come so you’ll know what’s going on with all of our projects. we’ll also be updating Facebook albums as we go so you don’t have to miss anything.