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The Next Phase Begins at Kingmeadow

Have you been down to Oshawa to visit Kingmeadow lately? We have, and the site is looking great! After the barbecue last week for all of our hard-working tradespeople working on Kingmeadow, we caught up with Project Manager Mike Circosta to find out all the details about the current progress at the site.


Phase 1 at Kingmeadow is moving along wonderfully! We currently have 150 units fully occupied, and next week we’ll start move-ins for the back to back Bridle Towns. The community is filling up fast, and we’re happy to welcome our new move-ins to the neighbourhood!

Early next week, the crew at the site will begin to asphalt the remaining single family homes in Phase 1, one of the final steps in completing this phase.


And if you’ve purchased in Phase 2 of Kingmeadow, you’ll be excited to hear that Phase 2 construction started this week! Our next update will bring photos and information on the progress of Phase 2, so stay tuned.

Are you interested in living in Durham’s Community of the Year? You can visit our website, give us a call, or come visit us at our sales centre  for more information about our lovely new neighbourhood!