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Meet Diogo, Our Online Sales Rep

If you’ve visited any of our communities on Minto.com, then you may have already met Diogo, our Online Sales Representative! Diogo is often the first person that our prospective purchasers connect with before moving on to meet with our on-site Sales Reps.  Diogo helps our home buyers narrow down the community and home-type they are looking for and then connects them with an on-site Sales Rep so they can better assist with all the project details. You can find him by clicking the Chat Live button on the bottom right corner of all our active, for-sale, communities in the GTA.



We sat down with Diogo to learn more about him and his role at Minto. He has great insight on the all of our developments and shared some personal details about what makes him the perfect fit for this exciting role!


Hi Diogo! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Well, I’ve been working for the past 7 years as a manager for various retail stores – I love interacting with people and helping them pick out the perfect item. During that time, I’ve managed to continue studying on a part-time basis, obtaining both a Marketing and Management diploma, and my Real Estate License. All of these certifications have helped me understand and work in my current role from a different perspective. When I’m not studying or working, I enjoy travelling to new destinations, eating at new restaurants, and playing all types of sports.

Minto Online Sales Rep

What motivates you?

Challenges motivate me. The more challenging the project, the more I want to be successful in getting it finished.

What made you want to get into sales?

When I was 5, I would often tell my mom that I was going to sell her home-made bread because all of the kids in the neighbourhood loved it. One day, I set up a table outside our home, but before my mom could hand me the bread I would panic and say, “I’m nervous… I’m nervous…”. Needless to say, I didn’t close many deals back then. As I got older I thought back to that story many times and have worked hard to overcome my nerves and focus on becoming successful at sales. I fostered my talents in the retail market and am now ecstatic about my transition into real estate.  I’ve always been interested in real estate and working at Minto has allowed me to continue pursuing my passion.

Minto Online Sales Rep

What are some of the most common questions you get?

Most often the first questions I get from prospective buyers are “Can I get a Price List?” and “What is the occupancy date?”. I’m the first point of contact for our customers and they’re often looking for some information prior to entering our sales office. They need to be sure if the community being sold fits their budget and time frame.

Do you have a favorite project right now?

My favourite project is definitely Minto Westside. Situated within walking distance from the best the city has to offer, yet close to major highways and public transit  is what attracts me. The incredible amenities included in the building are just an added bonus.

Minto Westside

What is your advice to people who are just beginning the search for a new home online?

The potential purchasers that I speak to are typically in the early stages of buying a home; especially when they are browsing online. My advice to them is to make sure you are qualified first and that you are aware of the true cost of home ownership. Next, I would suggest having a sales rep assist in the buying process. Sales reps will offer their services free of charge to the buyer, and they are able to provide invaluable guidance to help with your decision.


Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us Diogo! If you want to get expert advice from Diogo, you can find him online on our Minto Westside, Minto Yorkville Park, and Kingmeadow websites. 

Demolition in Yorkville

If you’ve been by the intersection of Cumberland and Bellair lately, you will have noticed that the old office building is coming down as we start to prepare for the construction of Minto Yorkville Park!

Demolition of a structure like this takes careful planning and execution and the demolition team is following a step-by-step engineered process to bring down the old building at 94 Cumberland.

Minto Yorkville Park

The first step of the process was considered largely non-structural & prepatory partial demolition. The demolition crew removed and disposed of any unnecessary equipment and materials including non-structural walls throughout the building.  An opening was cut through each floor to erect the tower crane that will assist in the demolition process such as removing the exterior precast panels of the building as well as bringing down debris.

Minto Yorkville Park

Next, the demolition contractor will begin to lower the building to the top of the third floor slab using small demolition equipment, which will be operated on the floors of the building. The remainder of the building will be demolished to ground level using demolition excavators equipped with shear, grapple and hammer attachments.

Minto Yorkville Park

Once the building has been leveled to grade, the crew will demolish and remove the existing foundation of the building, demolishing while backfilling to facilitate the start of excavation & shoring for Minto Yorkville Park.

We’re looking forward to seeing the progress on site at Minto Yorkville Park! We’ll continue to keep you in the loop on construction as the building starts to take off.

Do you want #24KaratLiving in Yorkville? We have suites available starting from the low $400s. Contact us today or come in and visit us at our sales centre at 101 Yorkville Ave



Your Ultimate Summer Patio and Backyard guide

 As the summer days are heating up, there’s no better way to enjoy the weather than being outside. If you’re tired of always being indoors or stuck in AC, transform your patio, balcony or backyard space into a new living space. Make your home the spot for entertaining or relaxation by turning your patio or balcony into a fun and comfortable oasis. Here are a few quick and easy patio and backyard décor tips that will bring your outdoor space to life this summer.


Transform your backyard into an outdoor dining oasis

 Minto Backyards Design

If your home has a large and beautiful backyard, transform that into a fun, cozy outdoor dining space. Instead of using a conventional dining table and chair set, use colourful and comfortable wooden patio chairs to compliment a vintage wooden table. If you already have a wooden bench lying around, add that to the dining table. The wooden furniture will blend right in with the nature around it. Place a colourful runner across the table and add pillows and blankets for those cooler summer nights.


Spice up your small balcony

 Minto Balcony Design

Living in a condo or apartment means you may not have a backyard, but your balcony is a great spot for your own private outdoor retreat. Extend your indoor living space by adding a few decorative touches and furniture to your balcony. Add a small outdoor dining set, or small outdoor chairs and tables on top of a vibrant rug. To make your balcony cozy, place pillow and blankets over the chairs and add some decorative plants and vases to the space. For more of a warm feeling, add soft outdoor lighting to really set the mood at night.


Plan a party with the right décor

 Minto Patio Design

If you enjoy hosting dinner parties or social gatherings at your home, the summer time is the perfect time to entertain. And what makes entertaining outdoors even better is the type décor pieces and themes you can choose from. Depending on your style, use colourful but elegant tableware for a festive vibe. Add warm lanterns or a string of lights to compliment your decorative dining table. Serve fun colourful drinks to add a splash of colour to your spread.


Add some art to your outdoor walls

 Minto Outdoor Design

Simple but elegant wall art can go along way when you add it outdoors. Make your own wall art by incorporating geometric shapes, unique art pieces or plants to your wall. Adding plants to any wall will instantly transform your outdoor space, making it feel like an outdoor oasis. Purchase a wall planter and use your own DIY style to fill it with a beautiful arrangement. You can also spray paint different geometric shapes onto small wooden panels for an artistic feel.


Get creative and make your outdoor space your own. Share your own backyard and patio décor photos with us by tweeting us at @MintoCondos.



Kenya Bruce

Meet Daniela: Assistant Superintendent at 88

Meet Daniela, our enthusiastic Assistant Superintendent at 88. As Assistant Superintendent, Daniela is in charge of build out and finishes. Build out is the composition of the interior structure of the building, working from framing of exterior and interior walls to mechanical and electrical rough in. Daniela carries this process through to the finishes which include cabinets, countertops, and flooring, to name a few.

There’s a lot to keep track of in a building that’s 35 storeys high, and Daniela does a incredible job at keeping everyone positive and keeping the work on schedule.

first concrete (2)

In her 7 years at Minto, Daniela has been a part of 4 projects – Minto Skyy, Minto775, Minto WaterGarden and 88.  She started her career as a coordinator at Skyy and the hands-on learning she attainedby being able to participate in on site activities helped her gain the experience she needed to move up in her position. She became more confident and transitioned into her role as an assistant superintendent at Minto 775, where she learned how to manage the process, trades, and any obstacles that came her way.

We sat down with Daniela to talk about what it’s like to work on site as an Assistant Superintendent.


What’s your favourite part about your job?

To have to pick one particular aspect about my job that I favour is hard. It’s a challenging and exciting environment where I have the ability to be part of a team that creates a massive structure which one day someone will call their home. We construct a landmark in this beautiful city and have the satisfaction of knowing that we were involved in creating it.

Daniela 2


What’s the hardest part?

The fast-paced nature of the work is tough, and it can become pretty stressful at times but I think that’s what I also enjoy about it. I don’t think I could ever work in a slow-paced environment.


What are you most looking forward to seeing come together at 88?

I’m excited to see it all come together, especially with the amazing water feature– I think Minto always executes water features very well. As all the finishes come together in the amenities and common areas, you start to realize that the final product of a project you’ve been working on for a long time is finally coming into fruition and you feel as though you’ve achieved something great. I’ve gained so much from my past projects and I’ve enjoyed working on this one too; we have a great team, we have a lot of fun, and we get the job done.

last concrete pour


 What’s a typical day like?

I normally meet with the labourers and handymen before 7am to go over the plan for the day. Once we’ve mapped out what needs to be done, I ensure that everyone, including the trades, are all executing our plan accordingly, ensuring everyone is on track. There’s always going to be hurdles throughout the day but it’s how I deal with them that makes a difference in our productivity. I also have an iPad that helps me keep track of our daily progress, problems, and deficiencies which allows me do my job more effectively. I’m constantly on my feet, usually getting to most of the 35 floors in the building in one day. It can be quite the workout!


What’s it like working in a predominately male work environment?

I have a great relationship with the trades and my team, and there is a lot of mutual respect. To me, it doesn’t make an impact in the way I work or how I interact with the trades on site. We are all working together to achieve a common goal. I’m proud to be one of the few women working in this field, hopefully I can inspire more to follow my lead.


Thanks for the update Daniela! It was great hearing more about what happens on-site. The construction of 88 is almost complete and our home owners will be moving in soon! We only have a few suites left at this fabulous condo. Contact us at 416.915.3800 to book your private tour.


30Roe’s Best Brunch Spots

Brunch is on! What better way to start off a day at Yonge and Eglinton than with a deliciously easy-going brunch. And with Minto30Roe being in the heart of Yonge and Eglinton, some of the trendiest breakfast joints are right at your doorstep. Check out a few of these brunch spots that are worth trying in the area:


Himalayan Java 

2552 Yonge St

Himalayan Java near Minto30Roe

This cute coffee shop originated in Nepal and has found it’s way over to Toronto. Located near Yonge and Sherwood Ave, Himalayan Java is a tiny coffee shop with a lot of character. With all the coffee beans coming straight from Nepal, you will be experiencing a whole new coffee drinking experience. And what makes this coffee shop more unique is their amazing latte art. The baristas are very friendly and will make any design you request. Besides the unique coffee art, Himalayan Java also offers baked goods and gelato during the summer. This cozy coffee shop is perfect for reading a book, or just people watching!

Himalayan Java near Minto30Roe


Uncle Betty’s  

2590 Yonge St

Uncle Betty's Diner near Minto30Roe

You might have heard about Uncle Betty’s or even seen it on TV. Specializing in some decadent desserts, Uncle Betty’s will make you feel like a kid again. There are tons of unique and colourful ice cream flavours, milkshake options and all the comfort food options you can think of. Breakfast is served until 11:30 am during the week, however on the weekend they have an extensive Brunch menu you can enjoy until noon. The Breakwich is one of their most popular items on the menu, consisting of two plain donuts (or toast) stuffed with eggs and cheese. You can load it up with bacon, tomatoes, home fries, fruit or salad. Brunch is served on the weekends from 8:30 am to 2 pm. All the food is homemade and inspired by the owners’ lives, dating back to the 70’s. If you want a big hearty brunch, this is the place for you!

Uncle Betty's near Minto30Roe


Boom Breakfast & Co  

174 Eglinton Ave West

Boom Breakfast near Minto30Roe


If you’re a fan of breakfast at any time of day, Boom Breakfast is the place to go. With an extensive breakfast menu covering all the breakfast basics, Boom Breakfast has options for everyone – eggs, pancakes, breakwiches, and burgers. The restaurant may look small on the outside, but during the summer the outdoor patio in the back doubles the size of this little spot and lets you enjoy your meal in the fresh air. And if your first name is chosen for the week, you have the entire day to win a free menu item! Follow Boom Breakfast Facebook to learn more.

Boom Breakfast near Minto30Roe

Living at Minto30Roe gives you the luxury of brunching at different hot-spots every day of the week if you want to! Interested in living here? There are still suites available at Minto30Roe!  Give us a call at 416.915.3800 or email us at 30roe@minto.com to make an appointment to visit us at the new Minto Condo Store.


Kenya Bruce

The perfect art for your condo

Let’s face it, it’s really hard to find and commit to great art pieces for condos and other spaces. Luckily, we stumbled upon local artist Sandra Di Leo whose pieces are perfect for your home. We met up with Sandra recently at her Toronto studio to scope out her work.

Continue reading The perfect art for your condo

Apps we love for condo living: getting inspired

Whether you’re just moving into a new place, doing a reno or you just can’t get enough home decor eye candy, here are some apps to get you inspired any time.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

If you’re already addicted to the Houzz website like we are, this app is a must. The Houzz Interior Design Ideas app is dubbed the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” by CNN – need we say more? It’s a great way to browse, save, curate and organize thousands of pictures and products to make your very own virtual design reference book. There’s also a forum where you can get answers to your queries from other who are just as design-obsessed as you are.

houzz app


Paint Tester Pro

See it on Houzz, then try it out in your own home. Gone are the days of spending hours searching for swatches and then putting the little piece of paper against your wall, trying to picture how your kitchen will look bathed in yellow. This app allows you to seamlessly test any colour you want in any room. Just take some pictures and start colouring your world.

paint tester


SnapShop Showroom

You’ve picked your room colours, and you have a general idea of what furniture you want – now take window shopping to the next level with augmented reality that lets you see what furniture will look in your own home. The SnapShop Showroom app allows you to picture exactly what that day bed would look like in your den without the commitment. Their catalogue includes many of the brands you’re probably looking for anyway and it’s growing all the time.