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Construction 101: The Mechanical Stage

Construction 101

We haven’t updated you on the construction process in a couple of months, but we’re back and we’re now on a really exciting stage of building a home. Last time we told you about framing, which is a visual notifier that construction is moving along, but that’s just putting up the skeleton of the house. During the mechanical stage, the construction crew starts to add the guts of the house – the parts that make it work.

  1. Electrical: lights, plugs and switches
  2. Heating and ventilation
  3. Plumbing and water pipes
  4. Windows and doors
  5. Stairs
  6. Boxing in: framing of the staircases and bulkheads

Remember that everything that is installed during the mechanical stage is a rough-in and the finishes are completed after the drywall, insulation and taping stage, which we’ll tell you about in our next Construction 101 post!