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The Robert Cox House has (almost) left the building!

The Minto social media team had a very interesting trip out to our WaterGarden site in Thornhill earlier today. It kind of felt like a school field trip, except this time, we were learning and we were having fun!
We’ve been to the site of the Robert Cox House move twice before, but this time we got to go underneath the house while it was raised 11 inches off the original foundations. Very cool stuff.
The awesome site super, Jason, was kind enough to show us around and explain exactly what was going on. Check out our pictures for a lesson on what it takes to elevate a house off it’s foundations in preparation of moving it 20 feet!
There are two 100 tonne jacks underneath the main 21 inch support beams in the basement which sit on "cribs" and pump the house up to its current height
The main manifold is connected to each of the hydraulic pumps ranging from 20-100 tonnes - a separate valve for each pump means they can all be controlled to pump at the same time, keep the house level as it goes up
All of the existing brickwork will be cleared out and the basement will be cleaned, with all of the fieldstone being salvaged and re-used
All the main tension beams are now in place and the house is completely supported - a few more minor tasks left and then we'll be moving the house
Here we have a 30 tonne air bag that is left inflated underneath a support beam - it will later be replaced with a roller for moving the house
This heavy duty rigger will be the one actually moving the house

So we’re almost ready to get this thing on the move. It’s been a fantastic learning process for us here at Minto and the special crew we’ve brought in to work on the Robert Cox House move have been wonderful. Once the house is in it’s new location the next steps will be start work on restoring it to its former glory, and of course, getting to work on the Minto WaterGarden site itself.

We’ll be back on site soon to see the house actually being moved and we will of course share it right here on the blog! In the meantime check out our full Facebook album here.

So, did you learn anything new?

We’re having a block party– and YOU’RE invited!

Join us for the hottest party in the neighbourhood.

On October 20th, from 7:30 until Midnight we’ll be hosting a block party with musical performances by God Made Me Funky and DJ Knyce.
What’s better than that? There will be prize giveaways, mixed drinks by Smirnoff, and a fashion show by Lucian Matis.
Everyone is invited to 578 Front Street West, Toronto (the former Harley Davidson building). Just head on over to our Facebook page anytime before then to register and get on that guest list!
See you on the 20th…

Minto named OHBA Green Builder of the year for the second year running

From left: Serge Desjardins, Alison Minato, Jessica Huddleston, Adrian Wang, Kyle Rainbow, Derek Hickson

We at Minto are extremely proud to announce that for the second year in a row, and three times in total, we have been recognized as Ontario’s Green Builder of the Year by the Ontario Home Builders Association.
Alison Minato, VP of sustainability, was quite delighted with the win. “It means so much to be recognized by the OHBA for our green initiatives. We’re one of few developers that have a dedicated in-house green team and it’s terrific to know that our strategies are paying off.

“We’ve been working hard for over a decade now and we’ve made huge strides in quality and sustainability. With strategies like individual suite meters and “all-off” switches being just some of the initiatives we’ve rolled out,” she explained. It’s great to win this award for the third time, and it just shows that our dedication to green pays off. It allows us to discover more opportunities and we have the processes in place to make these improvements happen.”

So what does Alison see happening to the green condo scene over the next few years? Right now, for example, they’re researching the potential of LED lighting. It’s more efficient than fluorescent lighting and it produces significantly less heat than halogen lights. Plus, the team is looking at wireless thermostat & lighting control. It has potential in the area of home automation and remote monitoring, which is something you’re likely to see more of in the future. Super-insulated windows are another great feature. “This is a very exciting time to be developing new, green condominiums,” Alison says.

Do you have a green question for our team? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter pages and we promise you’ll get an answer!