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Get the Trendiest Sunglasses This Summer in Yorkville!

With the summer sun shining bright, having the perfect shades is a must! The latest Yorkville boutique, Holly Eyewear opened its’ doors recently and is already getting huge buzz for their one of a kind, eccentric and fashionable eyewear!




Owners and life partners, Holly and Vick, stock their shelves with the latest trends in sunglasses and eyeglasses from around the globe. They also offer comprehensive eye exams by their licensed, in-store optometrist to help ensure that your prescription is as perfect a fit as you new frames.






Their store is contemporary and warm in design and makes shopping feel like a true luxury. Say goodbye to the suburban mall shop, Holly Eyewear is bringing sophistication back to buying eye glasses.


Want to take a sneak peek before walking through the store? Vist them at hollyeyewear.com




Stop by Holly Eyewear on your way to visit the future home of Minto Yorkville Park which is currently under construction at the corner of Bellair and Cumberland.


Hosting Your Dinner Party in the Yorkville Park Chef’s Kitchen

Hosting Your Dinner Party in the Yorkville Park Chef’s Kitchen

We love hosting dinner parties, and what better place to host one than in the luxurious, resident’s-only, Chef’s Kitchen and Dining Room at Minto Yorkville Park! Bring in your favourite chef, or whip up something yourself in the fully equipped catering kitchen.  Then share plates and good conversation with friends in the elegant dining area. From the gleaming stone floor to the sleek marble waterfall edge countertops, to the golden mirrored finish hood fan, the ambiance exudes luxury and impeccable sophistication.

Here are some fabulous, locally-sourced ideas to get you ready to host your next big or small, party in Minto Yorkville Park’s Chef Kitchen!



Get your guests snacking with some delectable appetizers. Pick up some fresh ingredients from your neighbouring Pusataries, like some of these gourmet cheeses and assorted meats: http://www.pusateris.com/

Add your own flavor with a unique decorative centre piece from Teatro Verde such as: http://teatroverde.com/locations/

Don’t forget to satisfy that sweet tooth! Pick up elegant and delectable cupcakes for dessert from Prairie Girl: https://www.prairiegirlbakery.com/

Now that the room is all set you need is that perfect cocktail dress to host in! Drop by Kate Space at 138 Cumberland Street https://www.katespade.com/


We hope this stirred up some hosting inspiration! Be sure to visit us at our Sales Centre at 500- 90 Sheppard Ave to find out more about #24KaratLiving at Minto Yorkville Park, or contact us today for more information!



Spotlight on Soul 7 : Yorkville’s Newest Health and Wellness Hotspot!

Spotlight Soul 7: Yorkville’s Newest  Health and Wellness Hotspot!

Yorkville’s newest health and wellness spot is getting extremely popular for its innovative techniques and life-changing results. Soul 7 , located at 17 Yorkville Avenue, is a great chance to step outside of the hustle and bustle of your busy life, and escape for just a short while.

We can all agree that most illnesses and discomforts are a direct result from stress! We are so busy with work, school, and family commitments, that we rarely take time out for ourselves! A demanding lifestyle of epic traffic jams, exhausting meetings, and toddler/teenage tantrums can result in our bodies breaking down even if we feel and look fine on the outside!

Most of us are either focused on our physical health, or our mental health and treat the two differently! This is what makes Soul 7 unique to the industry; it is a place where you can take full control of the issues surrounding your mind, your body, and your overall well-being! A few services that Soul 7 provides to ensure a balanced treatment include: learning how to meditate, remain calm under pressure, and treating insomniac behaviors. These breakthrough energy-balancing therapies boost the immune system and enhance overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Soul 7 differs  from others in the industry because of their approach on healing; they aim to show you the “Path to Healing the root cause”. Bob Berman the co-founder and owner of Soul 7 believes in the power of our bodies healing themselves. With all the western fast-fixing remedies in prescribed and over-the -counter drugs,  we as consumers are so used to dealing with symptoms  by taking this route! Instead, we need to find holistic solutions that focus on the root causes of these problems. So before you grab that bottle of Tylenol or Advil for  headache relief, try a more holistic approach and watch as your body heals itself!

If you are interested in learning more about the amazing therapies at Soul 7, you can visit them at 17 Yorkville Avenue or call to book an appointment on their Website at: http://soul7.ca/ ! While you are in the area, come visit us at our Sales Centre at 101 Yorkville to find out more about #24KaratLiving at Minto Yorkville Park, or contact us today for more information!



Big Changes on Site at Minto Yorkville Park!

Since demolition has started in September, a lot has changed down at our site at the corner of Cumberland and Bellair! If you’re in the neighbourhood, you’ll notice that the old office building is now completely gone! All that remains is the underground foundation of the original structure.


The demolition team has almost completed their work on site, with the crew now tasked with removing the underground parking levels from the old office building. Once that’s complete, Minto’s construction team will step in to start shoring and excavating. In just a few months Minto Yorkville Park will start to take shape!


Take a look at these photos to see the before and after shots and see how far we’ve come in the last few months:



September 2015

Yorkville Park

December 2015


February 2016

Check back soon to see our progress as we start construction!


Interested in living at Minto Yorkville Park? Register now and check out our website to learn more about #24karatliving at Minto Yorkville Park!


Best Hot Chocolate in Toronto!

Now that January is upon us in full windy gear, we thought it best to indulge in something warm,  sweet, rich, and sometimes filled with perfectly sized fluffy marshmallows! Yup- we are talking about the greatest winter treat of all, hot chocolate! In the cold upcoming months after a great dinner, an evening walk, movie night with the kids, or, a mid-day pick me up at work,  we all crave that perfect cup of hot cocoa! We have found some great spots around Toronto to keep you begging winter to stay longer!



First up: Moroco Chocolat

Nestled in the heart of Yorkville, Moroco Chocolat is as fancy and delightful as the name promises. This French inspired handmade chocolate shop is getting growing praise for their delectable selections of cocoa in all forms, and confections! They have brunch and afternoon teas, and more importantly here to us, they have hot chocolate! Dark rich and full of flavor, options like Peppermint Hot Chocolate is offered only for the winter season, and is one of the most popular items on their menu! Before you reach for your winter scarf and bag and make your way down to grab a drink or snack, check out their website for more menu options and location details!  Bon Appetite!





Need a lunch hour pick-me-up? Conveniently located in the financial district, Maman’s café is a surprisingly cozy and country inspired café on the first level of the First Canadian Place. It’s refreshing to get away from the hustle and bustle of city and work life and come into Maman’s for some unique offerings such as their infamous, ‘Lavender Hot Chocolate’ .  A perfect duo of rich cocoa and sweet lavender makes this drink the perfect escape for your taste buds! Aside from Hot chocolate the menu also includes an array of breakfast and lunch items such as Quiches, tarts, sandwiches and of course, coffee’s and tea’s!  Check out their website for catering and special order offers!



Soma Chocolatemaker

Located in the King West and Distillery District areas, Soma is one of Toronto’s most popular sweet spots!  One of their spin-off’s is actually a traditionally inspired drink; Spicy Mayan Hot Chocolate! Decadent cocoa, chilly peppers, orange peel, ginger and Madagascar vanilla keep customers extra warm and coming back for more! This velvety and smooth goodness sounds like the perfect drink this winter that will literally ‘spice’ things up! While you are in the area, check out our Minto Westside  Presentation Centre at 25 Bathurst Street and learn how you can call the Westside neighborhood, to all these yummy cafes and restaurants, home!



And last on our list, but not the least at all:  Douce France

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2016 was to visit Paris, then you are in luck… Sort of!

Douce France is Toronto’s most sought out Parisian style café! Located close to Minto30Roe, they have been known to be as meticulous and detailed with all their pastries and beverages, including of course, their famous hot chocolate!  All of their ingredients come in straight from France making your visit to a nearby French café a convenient delight!  Their hot chocolate has actually been named the best hot chocolate in the world! Pure taste, rich, succulently creamy and just the right thickness that allows you to really sit and take your time to enjoy all of its fondue like goodness! Check out the website to see a list of all ingredients and products that you can have right here in Toronto, straight from a la France!



No matter where you decide to go for that warmth in your palms chocolate liquid bliss, aka hot chocolate , enjoy it with friends, family, or by yourself with a good read or a favorite flick! Stop by one or more of these places to get the best of Toronto’s sweet spot delights, and if you decide to visit Moroco Chocolat, be sure to come visit us at 101 Yorkville to find out more about #24KaratLiving at Minto Yorkville Park, or contact us today for more information!



Experience 24-Karat Holiday Magic in Yorkville!

There is a lot going on in the Minto Yorkville Park neighbourhood this weekend to get you in the festive spirit. As the store fronts in Yorkville get decked out in holiday décor and lights, the neighbourhood is becoming a festive attraction that you need to visit!

Holiday magic


To kick-off the start of the holiday season, we’re having a festive celebration at Minto Yorkville Park this Saturday. On Saturday November 14th from 2-6pm we’ll have hot chocolate and cookies at our Sales Centre for visitors to enjoy. Come by to grab a treat, chat with our sales reps, and admire our festive display.

And if you’re in the neighbourhood on Saturday, then you won’t want to miss the Official Lighting Ceremony in the Village of Yorkville Park, starting at 5pm.  See the park transformed into a magical wonderland of lights. Also catch a performance by singer Jully Black!


Yorkville lights


To give a little gift to you this holiday season, we’re offering a stocking filled with neighbourhood gift cards when you buy at Minto Yorkville Park before December 31st.  Your stocking will include gift cards totaling $1000 from Yorkville hot-spots including Teatro Verde, Buca,  Pusateris, Holt Renfrew, Stillwater Spa, and Kasa Moto. Plus receive a $1,500 décor bonus!


Come visit us at our Sales Centre at 101 Yorkville to find out more about #24KaratLiving at Minto Yorkville Park, or contact us today for more information!

Our Favourite Spots for a Warm Drink in Yorkville


Toronto is an ideal city for coffee-lovers. With a coffee shop at almost every corner, there’s no way you’ll ever feel like you’re out of reach of a warm brew. We especially love the unique and charming cafes found in our Yorkville neighbourhood. And with the weather getting colder, there’s no better way to escape the cold than grabbing a nice warm latte or cappuccino. Here are a few of our favourite coffee spots in Yorkville.


Zaza Espresso Bar



Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of the city you just want to find a peaceful spot to enjoy an authentic espresso. Zaza Espresso lets you do just that. Opened 6 years ago, Zaza Espresso Bar is the perfect place to enjoy real Italian coffee with friends in a serene and welcoming atmosphere. All coffee is made with authentic Zaza coffee beans imported from Italy. With over 5 locations across the GTA, Zaza Espress Bar is your neighbourhood café that holds a strong connection with their customers.



Nespresso Boutique Bar




Nespresso Boutique Bar is an elegant, modern and sleek café on Cumberland St. The space was once home to Cumberland Cinemas, but is now transformed into a vibrant coffee bar and lounge that is as much a Nespresso retail space as it is a cafe. The polished and bright design features high ceilings, elegant chandeliers and comfortable seating in a large, open space. If you’re looking for a new type of coffee-shop experience, Nespresso Boutique Bar is a good place for something new.




Caffe Bacio



In the heart of the chic shopping area in Yorkville, Caffe Bacio is the perfect place to escape the cold and have fun people watching. The café is everything Italian. Indulge in a creamy and smooth cappuccino made by a special blend of Italian Lavazza coffee beans. The coffee is rich and well rounded, perfect for a true coffee lover. You can also enjoy homemade stone oven pizzas and Paninis. The only thing not Italian about Caffe Bacio are the homemade pastries. French pastries and desserts fill the café’s showcase. The sleek café serves breakfast and lunch Tuesday to Sunday. Put your phone down and have a sip of coffee over good conversation.



Seven Grams Espresso Bar



Taking its name from the measure of ground coffee used to make the perfect espresso shot, this café is all about details when it comes to the right cup of coffee. At Seven Grams they believe in experimenting, trying new methods and different amounts to create a coffee masterpiece. They also believe in supporting local artists, and so display and ever-changing array of local artwork on their walls. Enjoy a freshly brewed warm coffee, or if you’re in the mood to experiment, try one of their smooth and refreshing cold brews.


Interested in living amongst such trendy coffee spots? Visit us today at Minto Yorkville Park to find #24Karatliving in Yorkville.


Kenya Bruce