The Final Southshore Construction Update


This is a bittersweet update from Minto Southshore. We’re so excited that construction is coming to a close and many of our residents are moving into their homes and building the community we’ve always envisioned at Minto Southshore, but sad to see the final update from our brand new Etobicoke neighbourhood.

Here’s what’s happening in the final stages of construction, along with photos of the neighbourhood.

Our residents started to move in to Block 1 on July 3 and by now the whole block should be fully occupied!


Residents of Block 2 started moving in yesterday and should continue to do so through to the end of the week.


We’ve started homeowner PDIs on Block 3, which means that they’ll be moving into their places very soon.

Block 4 isn’t quite at the PDI stage yet, but we’re getting the homes ready with the final interior finishings, the cleaning service, and residents of Block 4 should start their PDIs on July 21.


Blocks 5,6 and 7 still have some work to do before we start thinking about PDIs. On Block 5 we’re in the process of installing the finishes, the laminate, appliances and carpets. On Block 6 we’re still working on the drywall and Block 7 is working on insulation.


We’re also finishing up the landscaping throughout the site and once it’s done we’ll have a beautiful green neighbourhood!


Although Minto Southshore is currently sold out, don’t miss your opportunity to live in a Minto community! We still have homes available at Minto Longbranch and Kingmeadow. Click the links to learn more about them!

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