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The momentum continues at Southshore

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Thanks to all the progress we made at Southshore last year, we started 2014 with a bang and the momentum continues. Here’s our latest construction update from the site.

Concrete Formwork  

We’re continuing the concrete work for the front entry porches into the townhomes for blocks 5, 6 and 7. The work is 70% complete.

Underground Garage Work

Enbridge has installed the garage main gas lines and suite meters below blocks 1-4. They are currently working on the gas turn-on for block 1 and installation will extend to blocks 5, 6 and 7.

The mechanical equipment and electrical work is in progress and will continue for the next few weeks.

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Excavation, site servicing and landscaping

The storm chamber tank has been installed below the berm and we’re currently backfilling the front entry porches between 6 and 7.

Weather permitting, over the next few weeks we’ll start the sub grade excavation for the berm as well as work on the landscape retaining wall north of the garage ramp.


The mechanical room equipment has been installed for 16 units on block 1. The interior finishing is in progress and the electrical finishing is almost complete.

On block 2 we’ve completed the drywall installation and we’re continuing with the mudding, sanding and priming. We’ve also started the interior tile/carpentry/painting finishing.

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The drywall installation is in progress on block 3 along with work on the insulation on blocks 4-5.

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We’ve completed the roofing installation on block 7 and the exterior window installation is 80% complete. On block 8 we’ve completed the exterior window installation and the main flat roof membrane roofing is 95% complete.

Southshore is sold out but you can check out our newest project Minto Longbranch which is just a few minutes away and is now selling.

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