‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Pic_2_IU-cropThe multiple award winning Minto Green Team is a dedicated and innovative bunch of engineers. They’re always looking for new ideas and technologies to make a Minto home more energy efficient, more healthy and leave less of a footprint, all the while saving you money. On the last day before Christmas they put together this little poem.

Enjoy, and peace and happiness to All on the Good Green Earth.

Twas the night before Christmas when all through the net zero house
Not an appliance could be heard, just the click of a wireless mouse.

The stockings were hung by the electronic ignition type fireplace with care
In hopes that Minto’s Sustainability Team soon would be there.

R50 Insulation was nestled snug in the wall
To help with air tightness and comfort for all!

With mama on her tablet and I with my iPad
Charged from our PV panels, making us glad.

When from the bathroom I heard a DRIP
I sprang from the bed and Boy, did I SLIP!

My power-showerhead was leaking, what a waste of money!
That’s money down the drain, which isn’t funny.

I can retrofit this bathroom all in good taste
With 3Litre skirted toilets, reducing water waste.

Energy Star, LEED, and TGS Tier 2,
All these provide a third party review.

On health, comfort, cost-savings, and community
These Minto homes aspire to provide climate-change immunity.

Click this link to watch our Holiday Greeting: Greetings_Minto_2014

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