Yorkville Park Neighbourhood Profile: Equinox Fitness

Hitting the gym can now feel like a luxury at the new Equinox Fitness Club in Yorkville. Just down the street from Minto Yorkville Park, Equinox Yorkville allows you to experience a new level of fitness in the city’s trendiest neighbourhood.Yorkville_2048x1000

The new Equinox Fitness Club is designed based on its neighbourhood setting. As Yorkville has a close-knit neighbourhood, the creators of Equinox in Yorkville wanted that mirrored in their fitness club. “What we really want incorporated in this gym is that community-feel like Yorkville has” explains  Claudia Madalena, Membership Advisor at Equinox Yorkville.

Incorporating the community-feel into this gym will make you feel comfortable and at home. Just steps away from Minto Yorkville Park, Equinox Yorkville is a great place to try different fitness classes or personal training, when you want to branch out from the gym equipment at home in Minto Yorkville Park.


“We have a lot of classes to offer, classes that are signature to Equinox. And what’s great about them is they will be different every single time,” says Claudia. Some of the classes offered at Equinox Yorkville are Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts, and Studio Cycling, to name a few. The gym will also be equipped with a full-service spa, steam rooms, a juice bar and snack lounge.

“We have a very strong focus on functional training, which is everyday movements that you use in your everyday life. That’s why we say it’s not fitness, it’s life,” adds Claudia.


This luxury fitness centre is right in the neighbourhood when you live at Minto Yorkville Park. If you’re interested in a membership, drop into the Equinox show room at 108 Yorkville Avenue to learn more about Equinox and what fitness program is right for you!



 Kenya Bruce

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